Sketchup free (web) lost my work

Hello, i work on sketchup since 2years ago but today trimble connect lost my information ans my work so i lost all my model on sketchup. how can i have my model again?

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Same here. After launching the page or switch from ‘Account’ or one of the other tabs to ‘Start’, my files show up in loading state for one second and after that it’s all empty.
Also I cannot load to There’s nothing but the top bar and a loading indicator…

Same here, have been trying to log in and view my models for the past two hours. All it shows is that Trimble had trouble retrieving and to retry.

This is also not the first time this has happened, but glad to hear I am not the only one today

same here, do you think they’ll be able to retrieve or should I just start everything again aaaah


What happened? My file is gone!

Thank you!

Thanx Demarcord. Hopefully all will come back :crossed_fingers: Only had about thirty models there! :worried:

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I agree. What I’ve been working on for two days is all gone today.
The program is a free version, but I’m so nervous. :dizzy_face:


They had a maintenance downtime, but hopefully all of our files return once its over.

Files is appear! Wooh!

every thing is ok again. fantastic! bye every body et thank for your help.

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