Sketchup free - login problems, then model has gone

Hi, I’ve recently got a Sketchup free account and I’ve made a model which has taken a long time. Today I could not log in, with a message so I deleted my cache and went incognito. This got me in, but there is no model. What is going on? Support won’t help because I’m not a payer. Is this kind of thing normal? Where is my model?

Are you signing in with your email, with a . between your first and last name? I am able to check what should be there, and I see two models.

Hi Colin,

Thanks. Yes that’s it. I have found the model. Previously, it was visible as a big thumbnail as soon as Sketchup loaded. For some reason, the program moved the position of how I find the file into “Trimble Connect”. To a new user, the words “Trimble Connect” are meaningless, and I did not know that it is a server location where my files would be stored, as I expected to see the big thumbnail as usual. I don’t know why it should have suddenly looked different. Also, a suggestion would be to rename the folder “Trimble Connect” to something which tells people it is where the files are stored, such as “T drive”, and if they disappear from the big blank area where there are usually large file thumbnail images, they will sill be available safely from the “T drive”.

The file is still there, and I am able to make more files and copy between them.

Apologies for my tone earlier. I am sure you can understand that I can’t have work randomly disappearing. If it had really disappeared that would have been the last time I used sketchup. I’ve tried some other software this afternoon, but you’re still the best!

Thanks for getting back to me.

Recently there was a new version of the software uploaded, and unfortunately it reset the recent documents area.

You’re right that people will get used to the recent documents, and not work on so many models that some are not recent. It does look as though the Home section is where your files are stored, but those are just shortcuts to the real location.

Thanks for your feedback, Justin. We’ve heard from a few people that it’s hard to understand what Trimble Connect is when you are new to SketchUp. We’re working on a few ways to make it easier to find the models you’ve been working on recently, as well as a better way to help new users understand that Trimble Connect is where your models are stored… and where the revision history of your models is stored!

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