Cloud files lost - something changed since July?

I’m hoping someone might help and tell me I’m missing something obvious.
I’ve been using SU many, many years, since the beginning in fact. I teach it at uni but no longer use it on a daily basis, quite infrequently now actually. So I’m not a newbie, but I’m also not up to date.
I’ve been modelling a kitchen to make on SketchUp Free, I come back to it every couple of months. It has been saved on the cloud, but when I logged in today, the files have disappeared. Has something changed since I last used it in July? Am I missing something obvious? I hope so because there’s a lot of work there and my wife’s going to kill me if I don’t get this kitchen made!
I admit, I’m getting old, I forget passwords etc now, and don’t have the time to keep up with everything. But I’d greatly appreciate any help with this. Have I inadvertently lost my model, or am I missing something obvious?
Many thanks, Steve

Typically the sign-in is with the wrong email address.

If you are signed in with the same email address and you don’t see your models in the Home Screen of the web app, try clicking on the Trimble Connect icon on the left. See if the models are there. Sometimes the Home Screen may get cleared out, like when there is an update to the app.

I noticed that someone with your name started SketchUp Free in July, using a Sign In with Apple and with the email address hidden. If you do sometimes Sign In with Apple, you may need to sign in with Trimble to get through to your older files.

Thanks for the suggestions, Colin & RLGL - I appreciate it.,
The wrong email address is the usual culprit - I’ve definitely done that before - but I’ve tried both my hotmail (which is the one I’m 90% sure I use), and my gmail, as well as my work uni address (which says it has no account associated), and nothing in any.
The AppleID is suspicious, because I don’t use any Apple products - I’m assuming/hoping that’s someone else - it wasn’t 3rd July was it? That’s when I last logged in & updated the model.
Trimble connect is empty (apart from a new model I’ve just saved there today).
I’m completely baffled.
Thanks anyway.

There are four accounts with your name. These are the start dates and enough of a clue about the email address for you to know it it’s yours:

05/03/2019 fisherpaykel
02/02/2020 hotmail
07/17/2021 hidden Apple ID

The Apple one is from over a year ago, and if you don’t use Apple ID at all, that is likely to be someone else with the same name.

I didn’t see any Gmail addresses, so if you tried hotmail, uni, and gmail, that still leaves the info@ and fisherpaykel addresses to try. The start dates of July 2020 and May 2019 should help to know which is more likely.

Of course, one or both of those two emails may not be yours! But hopefully one of them is.

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