Missing Models


Last year I created 2 models on Sketchup Free. I just now tried to login to Sketchup/Trimble to access the models and was prompted to enter Username/Password (my browser for some reason forgot my login info)… I dont remember which account I signed up with… I use several email addresses and tried them all with no luck - I cannot find my models (hours of work).
The only lead I have is a Share Link to one of the 2 models… so the models are still somewhere in the cloud.

Can anyone pls help me find my files?

Thank you,

You have a Free entitlement with the Gmail address you use in the forum. That one has been going since August 2018.

Pls excuse my ignorance but how do I use my Free Entitlement to find my files?
Maybe I wasnt clear enough - I managed to log in, I even managed to log in with 2 email addresses - but cannot find my files.
The only way I could find to access saved files is to start a new sketch and then click on File → Open… but there are zero files there for me to open.

Here’s a thing you might wanna try. Since you don’t see your model but the share link still works, it should be there, somewhere:

Open a new tab and head for connect.trimble.com and be sure to sign in with the same email address. Then check the North America Pod to see the project called ‘SketchUp’ Check the data explorer or the activities to see what happened to your files. One can even restore (accidentally) removed files from here.


That takes me to the same sad empty Sketchup Folder ;-/