Cannot find login info or old models created in Sketchup Free


I made a few models on February 12, 2022. I took screen shot of the models, and have them saved as images on my computer. Screenshots taken around 3:33pm central time on Feb 12, 2022.

Fast forward to today, almost 2 years later. I try logging in and Sketchup doesn’t recognize any of my usual email addresses. I tried a gmail address and a hotmail address, and sketchup told me I didn’t have an account. I then tried each login option just to check if my models existed there… Gmail, Apple, and Microsoft… No models found.

I havent used any other email addresses in much longer than 2 years, so I cant understand where my models went unless Sketchup Free deletes automatically.

Any help/suggestions appreciated

Since you are on MAC, maybe you used “hide my email” and if so you would have to do that again…

Try the Sign in with Apple option, as @tweenulzeven suggests.

I could only find the new Free subscription under your name or email that you use in the forum. Your older account may have been under a different name well as different email.

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I don’t think that anything is deleted from the Trimble cloud, even when a file in a project gets deleted, one can restore it via the activity tab inside Trimble Connect. Only actively removing the project deliberately by the user will result in data loss
(anyone with a free plan who signed up through SketchUp has a project called ‘SketchUp’ in the region related to the ip address)

Using the Apple ID with ‘hide my email’ turned on will result in a Trimble ID with the domain, not something to remember quit easily.

You can check which sites or apps have used that in the past by going to and check ‘login and security’ section > Sign in with Apple.

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