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OK, I see there is a prolific amount of messages concerning this topic and that is concerning. Falling in love with sketchup has everything to do with the experience we have with the free version and I am disappointed. I set up my free account and did some tutorials to learn the program and soon was comfortable enough to do my house project. My full intention was to go pro with the program if I was satisfied. I did a lot of design work, saving regularly to a file I saved in sketchup - “projects” (this was all prompted, so I really didn’t know where it was saving). I inadvertantly logged out and when I logged back in, my sketchup file was empty. I know I used the correct login information, because I saved it in chrome. If anyone has a solution, please respond. Thanks!

There are a fair number of posts like this and in virtually every case the cause is that a user is signed in with a different username. Users often do not realize or remember that they may have created two accounts at some point in the past. Sign out, clear the cache, and sign back in by typing your info instead of letting chrome auto fill. Perhaps Chrome has saved the wrong account.

If you used the Apple sign in and hided your email, you might have more than one Trimble ID already.
Go to the spotlight on the top right (looking glas)
Type ‘keychainaccess’ and look for ‘trimble’.
That might pop up some logins

I checked for your name and email address, and the only Free account is one that was started today.

But, I do see that you had used the web version since about 4 weeks ago. When you did, you had, like Mike said, used the sign in with Apple option, and chose to hide your email address.

So, sign out, and sign in again, making sure to sign in with Apple. Then you will see your models from the last four weeks.

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Thank you - you saved my life! It was a stupid oversight on my part… Have a great day!

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