All Work Lost

I started using Sketchup free, and it did not ask for any login. After making several projects, I investigated an account and registered. However, now I have registered, All my previous project have gone. As soon as Trimble was introduced to the work, all was lost.

I need to find someone who can check accounts to find the files, as the technical sipport team keep passing me around.

I need someone who can search the cloud storage for the filenames to find out what account they are really under. Some of them are:

4.6 Layout

Toiletblock 4.8

4.8.7. Foundations

Mains St Greensborough layout V1.1 2020 10 03

I don’t believe you can use sketchup free without a login, it is a requirement. Sounds like you initially started working under one login ID, perhaps without realizing you had done that. Perhaps you were already logged in when you went to use Sketchup Free the first time, in which case it would have just opened and started, and allowed you to save

Then you made a new ID thinking you were creating a fresh Account. Being now logged in with ID number 2, all your files are not present as ID number 2 has not created anything.

Try logging out fo sketchup and try logging back in with whatever email you used the first time.


I think that you have used three email addresses when signing in. When you first were signed in you did a sign in with Apple, and you chose to hide your email address. If you go back to the web app, and sign in with Apple again, it should recall your disguised email address, which will be on the lines of

I do have the ability to check these things, and you have about 20 models in there, including the ones you named.

The way you reverse your first and last names added to the challenge of figuring this out!


Thanks Colin - spot on!

What had me stumped is the same email address is a different account under Sketch-up for google and Apple.

I can see them all now - bravo.



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