All files gone

Have 2 files on my account. Was working on both this morning. After returning from my break and logging back in it’s treating my account like it’s brand new and all my files are gone. I’m working on a personal project with a tight deadline; any help restoring my files ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

Also tried calling the support number but it just takes you to a telemarketer call for medical equiptment.

You’re using the free web version? Make sure you are signed in under the correct e-mail address.

Sign out, clear your browser caches, sign in again.

Thanks but that was step 0. Tried several times before and after clearing my cache and restarting my computer. Clicked the folder where the files should be, nothing. On the 3rd try after restart my files miraculously appeared when clicking that same folder. Gave it ample time to load each time and computer wasn’t under any strain so it definitely appears to be a bug.

Don’t have any other sketchup accounts. Did use sketchup back in school >10 yrs ago but it was a different email, IP, computer, state, everything. Fwiw though, when I created this account and logged in for the first time I never got the welcome / walkthrough tutorials—but when I logged in to discover stuff missing today site was treating it like my first time logging in.

10 years ago there was no free web-based version. You would have used a desktop client version.

There is information about using the free web version available. You can use the search icon on the left above the Select tool to search for the various features you want to use. You can also go to the Resources page, scroll down to User Guides and choose SketchUp for Web.

Since you are using the free version, presumably you are a hobbyist. Have fun with it. Poke around and try things out. You can’t break anything or lose a finger.

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