Having an issue with Sketchup. I seem to have lost all of my work

Having an issue with Sketchup. I seem to have lost all of my work.

I have logged in but it’s a clean slate.

Please assist.

Apologies if I have posted in the incorrect space here.
this is my first time on the forum and my first post. :pray:

In nearly every case where someone claims their work has disappeared, it has turned out that they have signed in with a different e-mail address than they were using when the created the files.

By the way, you indicate you are using the free version of SketchUp. In your intro post you told us you are using SketchUp for comercial work. For that you must be using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro. The Pro version would be more appropriate for your application. The free version is not for commercial use.

Please complete your forum profile with operating system and graphics card information.

Whenever I’ve opened the app on my laptop, I was automatically taken to my profile.
I’ve never had to login and cannot recall what my sign-in was.
I used my email address and clicked on ‘Forgot Password’ and Sketchup seemed to pick up that I have an existing profile with that email address by sending me an email to reset my password.
When I reset by password and used that to login, I was once again brought to an empty profile ie. no previous work.
I usually keep records of all my various logins and P/Ws but have no record of Sketchup
Is there any other means of tracking what my user profile would have been up until now?

As regards Commercial use, I have had rare occasion to want more functionality, however my main reason for not signing up for the paid verison is because of the affordability factor and being unemployed till now.

I will complete the necessary in due course.

Thank you

Maybe @colin can find your login information. You must have set up an account in order to be using SketchUp. There is no way you could be using it without having set up an account with an e-mail address and password.

It has nothing to do with functionality. It has to do with the EULA for SketchUp Free which forbids using it commercially.

Thank you

Ok. so what is your advice in this regard?

Buy a subscription to SketchUp Go or Pro.

Pro will allow you to use extensions. SketchUp for web does not.

There are a lot of other features and capabilities with SketchUp Pro, as well.


I looked up a couple of accounts that might be yours. One was started at the end of January last year, and the other some time in May. If you are now not seeing your models, it sounds like you’re signing in with a third email, or perhaps you used a different sign in method (for example Sign in with Apple, with the hide my email option turned on).