Lost everything

I use the free web version. I thought everything saved in my account, but after changing pc’s i lost everything and this customer service of sketchup is impossible to contact. does anyone know what to do?

Almost invariably when a user “loses every” it is because they have signed in to SketchUp with a different user name than the one under which their files were created. Sign out and sign back in with the correct Trimble ID.

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I did login with the only account i used.

I see. Did you ever use an Apple ID or Google ID to sign in? Try signing out and back in anyway. Many times a user has a second Trimble ID they had forgotten about. Perhaps @colin can help find any other ID’s associated with you.

I did use my google Id (only got 1)

i probably had everything only saved on my pc :frowning:

If you were using the free web version your files would normally be saved to your Trimble Connect account. Go to connect.trimble.com and sign in there. Can you see your files?


Hopefully Colin will have time to look up your account. Did you use the same e-mail address for that as you used when you signed up for the forum?

If you are using SketchUp Free all files are saved in the cloud, not on your computer, so switching computers will not have lost you anything. It’s extremely likely that your files are all intact, under your original account ID.

it is the same yes. this is my google accounts email.

Try every other email you can think of.

The email you use in the forum only became a Trimble ID today. If you were using SketchUp before today, it was with a different email address.

Under the one from today you are only seen as being Kevin e in the system, have you always used that as your name? If so, there are a few other Kevin E entries I could check under, to see what email addresses were used.

Or, if you know the original date that you started using the free web version, that might be enough for me to go on.

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yes i tried with the same google email instead of login via google. use this email for trimble. which worked but has the same effect (this is why this was registered this day) the only other email i have is my private. i am able to login with this one too, but the same issue. non of my files.

I’ve been using sketchup in jan/Feb this year.

could be Kevin E or kevin ekelson

Thanks, that helped. You did start an account at the end of January, using your first.last@gmail.com email. Try signing in that way. FYI, Google doesn’t see a difference between firstlast@gmail.com and first.last@gmail.com, but Trimble does. You need to try the first.last variation.

There is another address which is a hotmail one, but that could be someone else with the same name. That account was started during March, so probably isn’t you.

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Thank you so much. i never would have tought i was using my old gmail. i was probably logged in with this old gmail the moment i registerd myself. i got my files back. thank you again!

Yet again.


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