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I have been working on a Van conversion project for several days now and all of the projects in my account have disappeared. I’ve checked my Trimble Connect account in all of the different regions. There is a sketchup folder there but, nothing inside of it. My models used to just show up as soon as I logged into Sketchup now its like I’ve never used it. It was called something like Vanlife Studio Desk.

We’ve seen these sorts of reports in the past. Usually the user is signing in with the wrong e-mail address. In other cases the user needs to sign out of their Trimble account, clear their browser’s caches, and sign back in.

I just tried signing out, clearing my cache, and then signing back into my Trimble account with no luck. I’ve tried checking all other possible emails, and tried logging in with my email and gmail sign in, nothings showing up anywhere.

I last logged in and saw the projects on Sunday afternoon.

For anyone following along, this one looks unusual. There is only one email address, and for that address there are no models and no activity. Going to check with someone in the Trimble Connect team tomorrow.

I do not inhabit the free web version. The " lost projects " seems to be a reoccurring theme. Is there a way for the users to create a backup on their own drives or on Google Drive etc? If so publicizing the how to at the time of signup with an email would be a benefit.

It is possible for users to download their models to their own computers if they want to do so.

How many of them are savy (computer skills) enough to figure it out

Your guess is as good as mine.

I suppose if they can find the menu with New, Open, and Save as then they ought to be able to find Download and download the file to their local drive.

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In all cases so far there has been an explanation for not seeing the models. The most common case is that someone did the 30 day trial with one email, then when they fell back to using Free they signed in with a different email. The reverse happens too, where someone gave Free a good try, then either tried the 30 day trial or upgraded to Shop or Pro, but used a different email address.

I have had cases too where someone did the 30 day trial, thought that all SketchUp models are stored online these days, then couldn’t find the model when they signed in. For those cases the files were on their hard drive.

In this particular case I can see that the same email address was used for the trial, and for Free. But, having just written my reply it does give me an idea to check into. When you have been using a 30 day trial, and if you have used some of the Studio features, when you come back to look at your models you see this message:

I don’t know how long that limited time is, and what happens to your files after that time.

I will find out tomorrow.

Every personal user was granted a higher plan during Covid-19.
That has now ended (?)

The files on the project should be set to read only when a user is left with his personal plan only:

Or ask @Bryceosaurus but don’t upset him:

I don’t think that sounds like Lisanne.

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Still racking my brain today on what could have happened to my files. Any insight as to how to get this stuff back would be greatly appreciated. I suppose for now I’m going to have to start everything over from scratch. From here on out I will just be sure to download all of my project files.

FWIW, you could also upload your files to the 3D Warehouse to create an additional backup.

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