Lost all my plans

Hello, i lost my 3 projects and i don’t understand why.
I try whith 2 url send to my friend and i can view without to have the possibility to change.
How i can to do to recuperate my 3 projects ?
Url P1 : SketchUp
Url P2 : SketchUp
Thanks for your help

Well, I can see both projects just fine, though like you said it’s view only.
You’re using the browser-based version, so let’s start there. When you log in to your account, what do you see on your home page? Do you see a list of your most recent projects?

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I can see your project!

Check which region you’re signing into on Trimble Connect. I see your project is based in the Europe region. If you try to view it in US or any non European region you won’t see it.

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If you can get to them in Trimble Connect to send the URL to your friend you should be able to download them to your computer, too. Try doing that and then open them from your computer.

I presume this is a hobby thing since you are using SketchUp Free. Even so it wouldn’t hurt to keep a local copy of your files as a backup.

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Before this day, i saw the 3 projects, now i’m seeing nothing but i have acces only 2 view project

What about when you log in to Trimble Connect? You should see all of your projects associated with your account.

Do you see this when you connect into Trimble Connect?

Trimble Connect Region

Yes but nothing inside

What if you change the location in the drop-down list?

Nobody has asked if you are using the correct email to log in.
Most times things ‘disappear’ it is due to incorrect login.


@Box makes a good point. I figured since you have been able to get the URL for a couple of your files you have been using the right email and password. Is it possible you have signed in with a different email address for some of your models?


Good points @Box and @DaveR.

I have an ongoing problem with getting a customer of mine to sign into his correct Trimble account. Not sure that this is the problem here but it’s sure to be some basic technical issue.

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