Sketchup projects lost?

I’ve been using Sketchup Free (web) for nearly a year now, working on 4 projects in my spare time. For the past few days, I have been unable to access my projects. I can login to Sketchup Free (web), but when I click on Trimble Connect to see my projects, they no longer appear. It just keeps ‘working’ to find them. Anyone else have this issue of late? It represents a lot of good work, so hopefully they are not lost? I had been looking forward to upgrading too.

What does the first part of the webaddress look like?

I wrestled with it for a bit. I changed my password, and that seems to have worked (however, I did not incorrectly enter my password before). Really not sure what the problem was - but it wasn’t allowing me to see my projects on Mac or PC for several days…

However, now when I click on a project (at least I can see them now), they won’t load (on PC or Mac) - says ‘loading’ forever…

Try clearing the cache for your internet browser and then try opening the file again.

I did just manage to get one to load on the PC (not the Mac though). I’ll try clearing the cache too. Thanks guys, for the help.