All projects lost - cannot access them

I use Sketchup for Web on a Mac with OS11.

I have 5 saved designs. I opened one tonight and did a bit of work. I saved several times. I then got a message saying that it was having trouble accessing Trimble. I noticed my mobile phone cable had pulled out slightly, so I’d lost my hotspot (only internet access at the moment). I plugged it in again and clicked save. Then, before continuing with my work, I wanted to make sure it was hooked up again to the server, so I reloaded the sketchup app, so I could open up, immediately redo any of the small amount of work that may not have saved properly and keep going. It started to load my folder online, showing in outline the 5 saved designs, but then jumped to an intro window saying “Welcome to Sketchup! Start modelling or take a tour before you continue”. If I click on “Start modelling”, it takes me to a new model. When I go to the “open” and select “Home”, it takes me back to the same page. When I select “Trimble Connect”, it says it “We were unable to retrieve your data, please select “retry” below”. Needless to say, nothing changes when I select retry.

My designs are definitely saved in the cloud. Even if I had to redo all my work from tonight, it was only 20-30 minutes and would be no big deal. However, I have invested many days (weeks even) of work in these designs (for my house rebuild after a disastrous storm insurance nightmare). I desperately need help to restore my designs. I haven’t used it for about a week, or maybe more, before tonight, I don’t think, so there should be no problems with data not being backed up somewhere, surely??

Is there a way of contacting sketchup directly to ask for their help in restoring data? I’m desperate.

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Same here. Everything disappeared.

I can’t access any of my web-designs. I use two accounts. One account was acitve yesterday and the other hasn’t been used for many days. Both are empty now. Let’s hope Sketchup resolves and rolls back.

Best Jeppe

Do you mean this has happened to you in the past, or that it has just happened right now?

Same here. Hoping it’s just a temp server error

Hello, there must be a problem with Trimble servers, considering the number of reports. I doubt there would be a solution for now

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I hope they will be able to fix it tomorrow.

Do you mean this has just happened to you too, just now? Or is it something that has happened to you in the past?

That would be a huge relief…

Yep, same here - really hope the files can be retrieved - has this happen to anyone before?

My files are back now

were back up guys

Happened right now.

My files are back.

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YES ! Thank you Trimble :wink:

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Me too. Thanks goodness!! That gave me a real scare. Sheesh!

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I am still unable to retrieve plans. Is anyone else still experiencing problems?

What plans? Are you referring to your SketchUp models? Are you sure you’re signing in with the same e-mail address you used before?

Yes, I meant models #newbie. Yes, I have double checked my login. Trimble Connect seems not to be finding my projects, as I can’t find find any, or even save new models. Account seems a little goosed.