All my saved 3D models dissappeared!


I have been using Sketchup FREE for 1-2 months, after no longer finding the paid version that I previously had (the pricing increased a lot since, which is too high for the amateur dabbling that I am doing).

I had saved about 10 models in SketchUp FREE, but I no longer see any of them, they are all gone!

What happened? Was this version of Sketchup only free for a short while, after which one needs to upgrade?

Thank you in advance.

Did they disappeared from your Trimble connect account or from your pc after downloading them?

From Trimble connect.

I had downloaded a few to my PC, but others were only saved in Trimble. Everything that was stored in the Trimble system is gone now :exploding_head:

Do you have more than one account?
Maybe @colin can check your account.

Only one account as far as I can recall. I used the log in details that I had saved on an external hard drive, so I am quite confident that this is the one and only account I have.

Thank you.

Show us a screenshot of the page you are looking at.

Ok I attached 2 screenshots.

What do you see if you click on Trimble Connect at the left?

I see this same page again.

What if you select a different server instead of North America?

Oh! I switched to “Asia” and this appeared:

However, when I click on the 1st one, it “searches” for ever:

Before this day, I would only need to search this url to take me to a landing page with all my projects Trimble Identity

I expect at some point you cleaned up your browser cookies and history.

Proof that they haven’t disappeared anyway.

What browser are you using?

You are right! I had to clean browser cookies / history for unrelated reason.

Mozilla Firefox

Is there any way to access my saved files?

You should still be able to access your models but now it should be clear why it looked like you didn’t have any and why the North America server was shown.

Can you open the kitchen file? Can you start and save a new model file?

Do you have any ad blockers or popup blockers running?

When I click on the projects, “Trimble connect 3D viewer” keeps searching but never actually opens said file.

I then went to this page and “created new”

Drew a rectangle and saved as “test”… (all previously saved projects appeared)

Once saving completed, I went back to “Home” and only this new “test” file appears.

Like it says, that’s showing your recent files. None of your other files are “recent” files because you cleared the the browser.

Ok so I assume that clearing browser cookies obliterated my files irretrievably? :anguished:

No! It just cleared the Recent Files display.

I think I found the solution.

Create new
Trimble connect
Select old saved file (which only appears in this way)
Open it
Home (again) and the opened old file appears there again.

Whew! Who knew that cleaning browser cookies could have such devastating effect.
Thanks for your help.

It’s pretty much like any website. If you clear cookies and browsing history it’s basically like you’ve never been there before. Fortunately Trimble doesn’t delete user files so they are still there when you come back to them.