Please help - Lost model

About an hour ago I opened sketchup for web and resumed a past project. After checking a few measurements I closed my computer and after a few minutes I opened my computer again only to find that sketchup went completely dark and gave me an error with the option to report it. I closed it and the page reloaded at which point I found that I lost my project completely. I can’t find it anywhere.
Can anyone help me recover that project?

Have you looked into the Trimble Connect projects? Press the hamburger icon and choose Trimble and then Projects, if you haven’t already. You may find your project there.

Hi Royce! sorry for the delay. I did check Trimble Connect projects and there’s nothing there. It seems sketchup deleted my project completely

When you look into Trimble Projects, there is an icon you can click on that show history of saved files.

I tried pasting an image, but the forum won’t let me as I am too new here.
but there’s nothing at all. completely gone

Home gives me the “welcome to sketchup - start modeling” dialog.
And Trimble Projects only shows a folder called “Skechup” with 0 kb and I see no icon for history of saved files :disappointed:

with the option to report it. If you did report it then maybe @colin could help. I just pinged him.

Is there any chance you used a different email?

I edited your forum status so you can paste images now.

In the Trimble Connect screen, where you only see the zero k SketchUp project, check whether you are set to North America or not.

Thanks for your replies everyone! There’s no chance I used a different email. As I said in the original post, I lost the project after just reloading the page following an error report from sketchup.

@colin I checked the selected server, but still nothing

All though I’m pretty sure I saved the project (built originally on march 30th) and then reopened it on May 30th, is there any chance it could have been saved some other way? like for example I know word and excel sometimes reopen my last unsaved file.

Again, thanks to everyone helping out. It’d be great if there’s any chance to recover the file, but I understand if there’s none and I’ll be sure to take extra precautions next time

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It may be worth filling out this Trimble Connect form, and see if their support can look for where your file went to:

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ok, I’ll try that. Thanks Colin!