Project is missing

I spent a good number of hours over the past winter when I had time to spare, making a model of something I was planning on building this summer. I haven/t logged into sketchup in a few months, but now the project is missing. Any hope of recovery?

I have almost the same thing happening.The difference is that my model shows up but NOT with the hours of work done on it yesterday, although I save very regularly even the auto save is not there.
Where did my hours of yesterdays work go?

Have you tried logging into Trimble Connect directly?

I use the Fire fox browser and then open the Sketchup tab as I did before and that shows Trimble so I don’t know what you mean

Go to Trimble Connect directly and sign in. Can you access your files there?

I had a few issues with sketchup for web that went away when I deleted cookies and browser history (just a single day of history to cover the period when it stopped working).
I don’t know enough about it to know whether you might risk deleting some aspect of your model by doing this, but I’m pretty sure it won’t make things worse. I hope it works out.

By the way - I do save-as every now and then, and give it a new number so I only ever lose a day or so in a crisis. The other thing worth doing is to download a local copy - do this once every day or so, just in case something goes wrong at the server.

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I can access the file but it’s without the hours of work from yesterday

Do as Robert suggested. Clear cookies and browser history and try again.

It wouldn’t hurt when working to occasionally save a copy directly to your computer as a backup, too.

Well I tried it all and my model is still there but without my work from yesterday…
I guess I’ll have to do it over…

Well, it’ll probably go faster and more efficiently this time. Look on the bright side. You can consider it delving more into your hobby.

If the file was quite large it could take some time to save. If you hit Save and immediately closed the page, you could lose your work.

Take some time to purge unused components, materials, etc. from your file before saving it to help reduce save time.

Yes,I have logged directly in to Trimble Connect. Nothing is there.

The commonly asked question is are you using the same e-mail address you used before?

I had to reset my password and it came to that email, so that should be the correct one. Is Trimble Connect newer? I don’t remember if I used it when I worked on the project this past winter. I remeber saving to a cloud of some sort and accessing on different computers. But I do not remember the name Trimble

Ha! Well now I feel stupid. I guess I was using the sign in with google option when I signed in. And this uses a different email. Thanks for the answer.

No. Trimble Connect is the place in the cloud where you save your files. It’s been Trimble for years.

So you’re all set? that’s good.

Beside being mad at myself, I’m all good. Thanks again.