Unable to retrieve data

When I attempt to open a plan, I get the message, "Unable to retrieve your plan, please select “Retry” below to try again.

Other behaviours that I experience include:
When I login, Sketchup displayed a number of plan boxes (similar to the number of plans that I remember having), but then displays “Welcome to Sketchup”, Start modelling" pop-up.

Help needed please as I have lost a good few weeks work.

What browser are you using?
Try to open an incognito or private tab and sign in at www.sketchup.com

Be sure to use the email that you used when creating the files

Thanks for the tips Mike. Tried going incognito on Chrome and Firefox. Not working yet.
Double checked back to confirm which email/ID I had used and I have reconnected via the right email. No luck with that either.
I have not used my account since autumn/fall 2020, could that have anything to do with it, as I know that accounts etc. look like they have changed.

After several attempts, I tried a piece of hardware and found models.
Problem understood, if not fully solved. Thanks for the help.

I have the same problem, but don’t understand how I can fix it. I also can’t save new project and so on. Could you help me with this problem?

When I try to save new project I see message “We were unable to retrieve your data, please select “Retry” below to try again.”

Same for me, it worked yesterday.

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This has started happening to me today too - was working on Friday just fine. Seeing as there’s a couple of new replies today, there must have been an issue recently surely?

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Thank you very much, its proberly it! :smiley:

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Eagerly awaiting this issue to be fixed :crossed_fingers:t3:

It is a scheduled maintenance:

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Well, that is very poorly communicated on the product itself.

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Depends of the product, of course. If running a cached version in the browser, you wouldn’t be notified. If you opened it from within your projects at connect.trimble.com or had accessed it in the past month, you should have been notified by a big blue banner on top of the page.

Should be there, too (my.sketchup.app). @jody

Anyway, best practice is to have your project(s) synced with Trimble Connect Sync and have a hard copy of your data on your desktop.
You could then easily upload the latest version in the web-application. (of course, when this is under maintenance, you couldn’t)

After the maintenance of yesterday, I’m not able anymore to load my projects/files. I see them listed up in the folder structure, but when I open one, I get a message “There was a problem downloading this file. It may have been deleted from Trimble Connect”.

I hope it isn’t actually deleted.


Anyone else with this problem?

Try to clear the cache of the browser.
If you go to connect.trimble.com do you see it there?

Don’t ask me why, but suddenly it started working again. Thanks for the advice although!

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Why? :wink:

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