Error obtaining my models

So I recently logged in and my models are not loading. If I click on the Trimble Connect part, it says “We were unable to retrieve your data, please select “Retry” below to try again.”

I have tried entering in Incognito mode but it is not working neither.

Am I the only one having this issue? Any tip for solving it?


Am experiencing the same problems

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There is a technical problem of Trimble Connect, I think there was an update on its side.
Unfortunately there is no workaround for this one :frowning:


So everything is lost permanently?

Same here - but for some moments the tiles with the loading circle show up, so hopefully they are not lost at all.
This would defninitly stop me from upgrading my license for more sophisticated projects…


I hope not.
What I see right now:
It’s just the problem that is not allowed to use the way it does right now. It’s so named CORS issue. It’s fixable by the devs on the trimble connect side.


Right now there is maintenance going on Trimble Connect, might be related.
You can track it under
It’s also visible on under SketchUp Trimble Connect section.


Yes, I have exactly the same issue. All my models have disappeared. It shows the tiles loading for a second and then goes to “Take a tour or start modelling!”.

Hopefully will be fixed or have lost months of work…

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