All SketchUp Projects Gone

I’ve seen a few other posts having a similar issue; I was working on a project, SketchUp (free on the web) crashed. I was logged out and asked to re-login (probably related to the Trimble connect upgrading), whichever. Well I log back in and it’s as if I’ve never used SketchUp before, all my projects were gone and it had the intro and tutorial pop ups. I only have one email attached to SketchUp that I know of so I don’t think it’s because of that.
Please help, lots of hours of work missing! Thanks :slight_smile:


The change yesterday has stopped me from being able to look up your details. Did you at any point use Sign in with Apple?

I don’t believe so.

Same here…

I did some deeper digging and I guess I had signed in with Apple, I don’t know how or when it changed over to my school email. Thanks so much!

I did not sign in with other credentials… only my SketchUp login and password… but still not trace of the file I had few weeks back

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