Project dissapeared

Using free web. Created an account on Sunday. Checked the email address the activation email was sent to. Confirmed it is my gmail address. Checked all three countries (US, Europe, Asia). Checked system status. Checked different browsers and different email addresses just to be sure. Project still doesn’t appear. Worked on the project for 3 evenings in a row. Now its gone. It doesn’t even show up in my history. I did save it and worked on it over a number of nights. Any ideas?

Log in to trimble connect and check there.

Yep I did. By history I should have said Activity…which is in Trimble Connect. Its not there.

I didn’t think that SketchUp Free required activation - that’s why it’s free. The subscription variants of SketchUp (such as Shop, Pro, and Studio) do require signing up and paying a subscription fee. Did you sigh up for one of those? When signing up, did you choose the website’s option to obscure your actual email address by using an Apple “alias” login? Perhaps @colin can help clarify your situation.

You already had a free account since June 2018. If you started a new account on Sunday, it may be under a different email address. Is it possible you did a Sign in with Apple this time around, and chose the Hide My Email option?

If you did, use Sign in with Apple again, and you should see the new account.

Ive checked all three of my email addresses (xxx@hotmail, xxx@gmail (both the same other than the hotmail / gmail), and my personal url ( (same again)). I definitely didn’t sign-in with Apple.

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