My project is gone, please help :'(

I tried signing in on another IP the other day and suddenly my project is missing. Can it be recovered?
Now, no matter what computer and IP i’m signing in from, my project is gone

Regards Henrik

Almost always when a file is “missing” it’s because the user signed in with a different e-mail address than they had been using previously. Make sure you sign in with the exact same e-mail address as before.

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I only have one account in Sketchup Free. I saw a former post on that, but I only have one.

@colin will probably be able to give you some information.

I see a few accounts with your name, which I don’t think is that common. Your longest term account was with your email, but I see one from this year that was with a gmail address. Do you have a gmail address? If you do, try signing in with that one.

How could I forget that it was my gmail that I used. Thank you for your help. Your a hero :slight_smile:

So it was as I said and your project was never really gone?


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