Project Disappeared SketchUp Web Free

Mac OS Big Sur. MacBook Pro.

My Project has disappeared. Tried SketchUp Web free a long time ago and didn’t get far, came back to it last week, opened my old drawing and really dug in and drew my personal bathroom remodel and was super happy with the result. Went back to it this morning and it’s gone, treating me like a brand new user.

Did a system update this morning and wondering if that may have something to do with it. Surprised as the Project has been stored for so long, and was initially created on my previous MacBook Pro.

Almost invariably in cases like this it turns out the user has signed into SketchUp Free under a different account than the one the model was made in. Is it possible you made two accounts (different user names) at some point in the past, perhaps when first signing up, and are logging into the wrong one?

Nope, same account.

If you say so. Have you tried clearing the cache or logging in with a different browser? SketchUp Free exists completely online so it should not matter where or on what computer you made the file, only what account you were signed into at the time. I’ll ping @colin who may be able to help sort out your account username.

If you go to, and sign in, what email address is displayed under your profile on the left?
Do you use the Apple ID sign in?
If once set to hide the real email, you’ll wind up with two Trimble ID’s.
Use the yellow Trimble to switch when signing in.

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I only see one account for you, so I would agree that you are most likely signed in with the right one.

Something to check, you may be on the Home Screen, and relying on the model showing up in the recent list. Try the Trimble Connect option on the left, and see if you find the model that way.

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