Entire project list removed

I have been using the FREE Web version of Sketchup, and not too long ago, I logged in to continue working on many of projects I had saved there. The folder that I stored them in is still there, but all of the projects have been completely removed. I don’t understand where they would have gone…doesn’t Trimble backup the accounts on their servers?

I used app.sketchup.com to access my account.


I have to say, I have never had this happen to me with a desktop version of SketchUp…

I have the data under my control, with two backups, one of which is off-site.

Can you double check what email address you’re sign in under? Do you have kc8 as part of your email address?

Hello Colin - I was originally signed up under ranesc, which is where the majority of my projects were located. KC8 is for another account I created accidentally, after I couldn’t remember which one I had logged into before…long story. If I had projects under KC8, they do not show up anymore either.

It’s like having two accounts on your local machine and you log in on the wrong one.
I have seen many account errors on both Mac and Windows, resulting in numerous duplicates/backups etc.
It happens.
The name of the standard folder which get’s created upon is the same for everybody (SketchUp)
A direct indication to whom it belonged would nice.