My SketchUp Projects are Missing?

I was working on a SketchUp project yesterday, when I open SketchUp in the morning all my works are gone my account is empty as a brand new account.
I’, using SketchUp Web.
I do not save locally, I only save on the cloud.
I have tried signing out and back in, it doesn’t help.

Can anybody help with this?

Hi, I know this doesn’t help but the same thing has happened to me.I am absolutely devestated as I have been working on my project for weeks. If you find out how to retrieve your work, could you let me know.



Same thing happened to me. I ended up finding my files by selecting the Trimble Connect tab (on the left) and then selecting my SketchUp folder. Inside of that is where your files should be. At least that’s where mine where. I think with the new release all of our recent files got cleared out, so our home screen appears blank.

It’s a little funny, but I’m a product designer who is working on a project to onboard people to a new user interface. The designers for SketchUp probably thought long and hard about this, but sometimes even our best efforts as designers have some small hiccups. I know I do. I’d love to see a more onboarding/tours/guides for users for all types of products, but this is a free product, so I can’t complain too much. Keep making awesome products SketchUp team!



Interesting point about the recent files, it could be that those are cleared out when there is an update. Hopefully that is all that is up, but I will alert the authorities.

We did clear out recent files in the latest update although we will try to avoid doing that in general. You can always find your work in the Trimble Connect tab or at

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Thanks, It totally worked for me! :slight_smile:

The solution by @shigeki worked for me, I hope it will work for you too.

Hi all,

Our apologies for the inconvenience everybody. If you can’t find the models you’ve been working on recently, click on Trimble Connect and navigate to where you save your files. If you are using SketchUp with a Free subscription, that will be inside of your ‘SketchUp’ project in Trimble Connect.

The irony is that we are in the process of making it so that the Recent Files list you see when you open SketchUp for Web is consistent no matter whether you have cleared your browser cache or use another device. To @shigeki’s point: lots of people get confused where their files are if they clear their browser cache, so we want to make SketchUp more resilient along those lines. I’ll update this thread again when we are little closer on this work.



This happened to one of my students working on a project. The folder in Trimble Connect that her project was in is still there but the folder is now empty. Is there anyway for her to recover her work? She has put several hours into this and plans to save copies to her hard drive from now on.


Do you know if the folder her project was in was titled ‘SketchUp’? If so, it’s possible that she may have logged in with two separate accounts.

No, it was titled with her assignment name.

Is it possible to sign in with two accounts under the same email and still see the same folders?

Maybe… by any chance do you use (SketchUp for Schools)

If so, that is a slightly different application than You can use a Google account to sign into both applications, but if you are using, folders and files you create will be stored in Google Drive. If you are using, files and folders are stored in Trimble Connect.