Missing files

My files are gone! I had 2 plans saved to my account and when I logged in they were missing. I started both of these back in March and I had had no issues with them up until 4/29/24. I’ve been going through the forum to see other people with similar problems, but none of the solutions given have worked. I am logged into the correct email that I started my account with back in March. I saved them both to the North American server. I have only been working from my Windows surface Pro 7, no other devices. The last time I was able to work on them was 4/17/24. One was a test model that I used to mess with all the tools- not a big concern, but the other was my final project for a class that’s due tomorrow! If anyone has any useful advice it would be greatly appreciated. I also attached screenshots of my account created in February and a screenshot of it from 4/29/24 and a screenshot of my project in progress from 4/8/24.

4/29/24 account

2/7/24 account

progress from 4/8/24

What if you click on Trimble Connect on the left?

That was empty. I am also double checking with a new file that I started today to see if it will also disappear.

My activity history is empty.

Is it possible you used a different email address previously?

As I mentioned previously, it’s the same email from when I created the account. My professor had us email proof that we made an account at the beginning of the semester which is why I was able to attach screenshots of my account with my email still staying the same from February to now.