What happens with my Trimble Connect projects if I end the Subscription?

While the title speaks for itself, is there an overview or Help page that could explain what happens with my created projects when I end my Subscription?

You are allowed one Project in a SketchUp Free plan, but if I now have a Shop or Pro subscription and decide not to renew, will they be lost? Or only the ones outside the Free SketchUp folder.

How long will those projects be available after I end my subscription?
Is there a grace period?
Suppose I go on Parent leave for a year, and decide to rejoin after my kid grew up (:slight_smile: will I still be able to have access to those projects?

Can someone else take over my projects, after my Subscription has ended?
Can I donate them to the 3D Warehouse?


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Maybe someone has more info but according to the SketchUp Subscriptions and Policies help page the files will be set as “read-only” if you have exceeded 10 gig of storage included in the free plan.

Please refer to the “If I save my files to the cloud, what happens if I decide to stop paying my subscription fees?” headline in the link.

Think “cloud” in this case refers to Trimble Connect.

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Yes, there is some usefull information about Subscriptions and I can deduce some info, but not Projects-specific.

Seems like I got to hyper-focused on “files” :slight_smile:

There was an error with my license at one point and when I tried to access a project created by a user with a Trimble Connect for Business subscription, I was “locked out” and only received a prompt requesting that I get a Trimble Business Subscriptions myself.

This might be the case for an expired/canceled subscription as well?

Edit: I’m not sure what would have happen if I was the owner of the project myself.

Hey Mike

For now no data is ever deleted from Connect. There would be a big announcement if that were to ever change. At that time they would define the policy for things like how long data is held etc…

Projects (and the files they contain) simply become read-only if you exceed your project limit. I believe that your newest project remains “writeable” when you downgrade to a free account. I don’t think you have a choice which project remains writeable other than deleting newer projects (latest existing project is writable under free). You can’t move a project to a new owner nor can you migrate them to 3DW.

The biggest thing to point out is that it’s a good idea to plan ahead when you opt to end your subscription. Especially if you plan to continue under the free feature set. Just get your projects in order so you don’t have to copy things you still intend to make changes to.

Hope this helps!


Thank you!

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