All backups disappeared after new year


Is that normal that i can’t find all of my backup in my account ?


Do you mean that all of your saved models have disappeared from your Trimble account? If so a common reason is that you have signed in with a different user email than before. Sign out and sign back in with the same email under which you made the models.

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‌Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes It’s exactly what I mean. I signed in with the same mail and I have lost all my models indeed. I think it desapeared with the new year.

It’s really important for me to save my work. Usually the models are saved with no end right?

Is it possible that I’ve lost my models because of the last update in december?

It is unlikely that you have lost any models. Are you really sure you have used the same email? Did you sign out and back in again? Were you previously using google or another service to sign in with? I’m not sure what you mean by the last update in December, Sketchup web is updated constantly as it is running on a web based platform.

I see Colin is writing to you, he can usually look at the back end and figure out whats going on.

I looked at your various accounts, and the one that you started on Jan 10th is not the one that you started in 2019, or the one you started in 2020.

Assuming your models are in the oldest account, make sure you are signing in with the same email you use in the forum.