Lost my sketch up work

hi everyone
I’ve just managed to calm myself down after losing a days work for a deadline that is in 10 mins. I was prompted by Trimble to sign in and it appears that this lost all work in my model today and all search engines and history browsers also don’t show any sketch up or website activity.
help please :frowning:

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro 2021, is this true? You are talking about website activity, were you using SketchUp Free in a browser?

hi there thank you for responding
This is where I get confused. I think I’m using the free sketch up in the browser and then it looks like I have made a payment with trimble for sketch up pro 2021. I’m very confused, and clearly not tech savvy

So you signed in and all your models were gone. 99 times out of 100 this is because a user has signed in with a different username and is looking at a fresh account. Sign out and sign back in with the username you built the models under.

I signed in and all my models were there, just not the last 2 days worth of work on 1 particular model. It was autosaving the entire day and then prompted me to sign into trimble which I thought was strange and as soon as I did, it went back 2 days.
I had a glimmer of hope then that you were right and I tried another account, but found it empty

If you were modeling for two days you must have been signed in on some account or the modeler would not work. Is it possible you have a third account name? It’s likely that your model is saved somewhere? How do you know it was “autosaving”?

possibly, I’ll keep searching and see what comes up. Also it looks like I have signed up to the US trimble and have paid for a free sketch up account. Am I the only idiot who has done this? Thanks so so much for your help, I’ll keep trying, it HAS to be somewhere it was saving all day, it just doesn’t make any sense

Interesting, if you have paid you would be using SketchUp Shop, it would be worth seeing which account you paid under. I’ll ping @colin who can sometimes see what duplicate accounts users have, of course he won’t be up until tomorrow.

thanks so much, Awaiting with hope.
kind regards,

I don’t see any Pro subscriptions for you, but I do see a Shop subscription, that you got a refund for the same day you paid for it. Which I think leaves you only having Free and Trial subscriptions.

You have used three email addresses with us, so make sure to log in with the one you usually use.

One thing to try, when you get to the web app home page you will see some amount of recent models. There can be times when one you are expecting won’t show up. Try the Trimble Connect icon on the left, that will show all of the files under that account. Hopefully you will see the recent model there.

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thanks so much Colin I’ve tried all of your suggestions. All I have found though is that when I hotspotted to my wifi from the office wifi, is when I have lost everything, all data and history for that entire morning period. So something must have reset somewhere in between.
thanks again, I’ll just have to start over :frowning:

Things shouldn’t get lost. Can you give the name of a project or model that you don’t currently see? Trimble Connect admins should be able to see if the files are still there.

All this suggests that you are using SketchUp Free for your work, wich is not permitted.
You would have to use SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop for that…

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Something else occurred to me. You started a 30 day trial while trying to get things going. Is it possible you made your recent files using the desktop version? If you did, the models would be on your computer drive, and not in the web version.

ah OK. Yes I agree, I don’t think it should be lost and yes I think I was using the desktop model? The file name is GMHBA Belmont

If you were using the desktop version, search your PC for that file name. Or search for all .skp files and look at the most recently modified files.

do you know how I would then access the computer drive version? I didn’t realise there was a difference?

What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the desktop version? That would be SketchUp 2022 Pro. You can get it from sketchup.com @colin indicates you already ran a trial version of SketchUp Pro. If that trial has expired, it’s time to purchase a license.

Keep in mind that the trial version is intended for evaluation purposes only and not to for commercial work and as @tweenulzeven indicated, the free versions are not for commercial use at all. The EULA is very clear on these points.

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You have allready had a subscription to SketchUp Shop, Pro would be found on the same page…

thanks Dave
I’m actually really confused by all of these different options. I think this is all over my head to be honest. I really just want to sort this out so I can get my model back and if it means I have to pay something additional then I really don’t care… Right now all I’m finding are road blocks and a very clunky website for trimble and sketch up US v AUS, PRO v shop?? and it’s so hard to navigate for the non tech savys like me. If you can’t help me via a phone call, then let’s leave it at that. take care