I upgrade the web version to Pro and lost my models

Hello, I am talking on behalf of my manager. He has the SketchUp Web version for a while in his computer, which he has been using to model some of his projects. Yesterday, we bought the Sketchup Pro version, but for some reason, we needed to change his password. Everything seemed fine. But, today he realised that all his models in the Web version got lost.

After searching in his account, he apparently has three accounts, but none of them has the files. Where are they? Can we recover them somehow?

I do not know if he in some point has logged using any Apple or Google account. Would that be the case?

Thank you,

on behalf of my boss

I just had a similar problem of my files disappearing around the time I upgraded. I’ve tried signing in using all email addresses that I have, but the only thing I see are some super old files from two years ago, but none of my recent files that I made last month. I’m hoping sketchup support can help us solve this.

@colin Can you help us please! Please, see above

Any models that you made during a 30 day trial, before subscribing to Pro, are likely to be on your hard drive. Try searching for all.SKP files, and see what dates they are.

If you had been making models in the web version, and now you’re using the desktop version, check the File menu. In there is Trimble Connect, and Open Model. If you are still using the same email address that should take you to where all of your online models are. You may have several project folders, make sure to look in each one.

Or you can try checking Trimble Connect in a web browser, here:

When you go to the home page of the web version of SketchUp, you’re only shown recent files. In the Trimble Connect page you should see all of the files that you have made with the web version.

Beyond that, you may need to contact support and give them every possible email address you have used. I am not an admin for Trimble Connect, but some of the support team are. If you can give the name of models that you’re not able to see anymore, they hopefully will be able to find them, and let you know which is the right account to use.

@colin Thank you for your advices. I probably need help from the admin team, as I went through all his accounts and I couldnt find… anyways… Thank you again

@murray1 Hope you can find your models! Good luck

problem solved for me. There appears to be a difference between signing in with a particular email address vs signing in through the google account of that same email address.

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