My SketchUp for Web model disappeared when I upgraded to Pro!

I created a model in the Free SketchUp Web App, and decided to upgrade to Pro by clicking the, “upgrade now” icon. Once I went through the steps to sign up, input credit info, etc., my working model is nowhere to be found.

I never downloaded the file to my computer, but continuously saved through the web/Trimble. Confirmed saved file before upgrading.

Where is my project??? I have a client presentation this morning, and nothing to show for 2 weeks worth of work. Please help!!!

The upgrade is normally from Free to Shop, did you do that one, or did you upgrade to Pro?

That aside, can you send a message to me with your details? I can’t find you in our system just using Kim83.

Hi Colin,

I upgraded to Pro. While using the Free version there was an icon in the bottom left to Ugrade Now. I clicked that, and was taken through the steps to sign up for Pro.

My information:

email: for security purposes, please only share an email via a PM to the intended target

alt email: for security purposes, please only share an email via a PM to the intended target

SketchUp Pro user name: Val Nehez

edit: removed email address - Jody

You might want to edit your post to remove your details. I meant that you would send me a message, which you can do by clicking on my avatar.

I’ll do another post to let people know what happened, the same thing could come up for others too.

For anyone chancing across this post with a similar issue, what turned out to be the case is an email address oddity.

Kim had used Free under a address. That went well enough that the boss paid to upgrade to Pro, and the Pro subscription was assigned to Google doesn’t care whether you are first.last, firstlast, or even fi.r.s.tlas.t. But Trimble ID does care.

The lost model was found by signing in as first.last instead of firstlast.


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