Upgraded from Shop to Pro, all models gone from Trimble Connect

I upgraded my plan from Shop to Pro after spending a couple weeks on a project saving it to the web/Trimble Connect but now Trimble Connect acts like it is a fresh install with no models.

This is upsetting. How can I regain access to my work?

My issue is different from My SketchUp for Web model disappeared when I upgraded to Pro! where two different email addresses were used. I only have one email address.

open Trimble Connect in an incognito browser tab, sign in and change location

check to see if they are there (probably in a project called ‘SketchUp’)

I have a SketchUp project but it is empty. I don’t see what you see either at https://app.sketchup.com/app, no “Projects”, no location selection.

I think I know what the issue is. I have two subscriptions on my account, “SketchUp Free” and “SketchUp Pro”, and they both have the same email address assigned to them. I’m assuming that when I upgraded from Free to Shop, it still used the same area to save my model but now when I log in, it has me on the Pro account which has a different save area. I don’t see a way to drop a user on the Free account so I can assign a different email address to it.

Try connect.trimble.com

I opened an incogneto window and logged in connect.trimble.com. I had an empty Sketchup project under North America but nothing at all under Europe or Asia.

I had no option to remove/reassign the account on “SketchUp Free” but I could with the Pro plan. I removed my email address from the Pro plan and assigned a different address I have. It doesn’t matter if I log in with the account assigned to the Free or the account assigned to the Pro, both have empty repositories.

For the two email addresses I see for you, I get the same thing. Both have a North America project, with no models in it.

Are there any other email addresses you might have used?

No. I used the non-gmail address first and no others. I only added the gmail address while I was looking to see if it was logging me into the Pro subscription and excluding any data on the free subscription.

What is did was to create a free account to mess around in and started to model my house, then I upgraded to “Shop” to have the extra tools. I then continued designing my two story house in it. I then had the desire to use the improved performance of using the Desktop app and my 2080ti. I upgraded to Pro and then “House Render” folder in my SketchUp folder was gone. I used the same email address the entire time.

Have you ever used a sign in email that starts with wynter?

Yes, I do. I might have used it awhile back when I first poked around SketchUp.

Could you sign in with that email, and see if your models are there.

I reset the PW on the wynter email account and logged on with it and I found the models there and were able to download them.

Looks like a bug if it was saving the models under an email address that while I had used awhile back, I wasn’t logged on as that account, and it wasn’t tied to my account.

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