Sketchup free to pro

was making models in sketchup freemium, upgraded to pro now models originally made are not showing up on web based app to open. any thoughts to recover those?

There are a few SketchUp users with the same name as you, so I can’t be sure which of the accounts are yours. Models are tied to the email address you were using, and if you’re using the same email address with Pro as with Free, you can either sign into the web app and download models, or inside SketchUp you can use File, Trimble Connect, Open Model, and open the online models in the desktop app.

Try signing in to the web version, and see what email address your browser has remembered for that page.

In all politeness I’ve saved and worked on a few models on the freemium and have had nothing but issues every time I turn my laptop off. turn back on, login SAME credentials my 3 models show up… turn off leave come back to it, SAME THING!!! login in and then nothing shows. login, log out, login, log out. out of thin air the models show back up.

On the current topic, I upgraded to PRO… SAME CREDENTIALS nothing shows up on the web based or in the desktop base for my models (now this is on a windows computer) login on a MAC (SAME CREDENTIALS) models from freemium show up.

So all in all the inconsistency of the work is driving me a little haywire to say the least