Files in free web not showing in Pro

Hi I created 4 models in the free web trial. After completing I upgraded to SketchUp pro. Now the four models are not available in my file even though I have the same login. Could someone tell me if these are available to continue working on?

If they were saved into your Trimble Connect account, you should be able to retrieve them in Pro. Can you still access them via the free web version? If so, you could download them to your computer to access them from the local location.

Hi yes I can see them in Trimble. Should I export the images and if so what format ?

In Pro go to File/Trimble connect/Open Model and go from there.

Thank you so much! Works like a charm.

Good. I though you had already done what Box said. That’s why I suggested the alternative.

The SketchUp model file is not an image. You would be downloading files with the .skp extension.

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