How to open sketchup web model on sketchup pro?

I have been working on a model in the free sketchup web version, but just upgraded today to the pro version. After downloading and installing the app I don’t see anyway to open the web model in the desktop version, or while using web version export to a skb file so I can open in the desktop app. I’m sure it’s an easy fix I just missed

The file you created in SketchUp Free should be in your Trimble Connect storage. Assuming you used the same e-mail address and password for both Free and Pro you should be able to go into Pro andFile>Trimble Connect and choose Open Model. You should then be able to navigate to and open the file.

Alternatively you could open it in SketchUp Free and download the file to your computer or you could log into your trimble Connect account via your browser to access and download the file.

awesome thanks mate! yes, it was right there in trimble connect.

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