Access web skp from downloaded sketchup

I was using the free web version and created a model which is now on the web (somewhere). I have downloaded the full version (30 day trial) and I want to access model that was created in the web version. How do I do that?

Go to File>Trimble Connect>Open Model. Navigate to where you saved it in your Trimble Connect storage and open it.

I apologize for being new to this… I have opened the 2021 version and go to FILES… but I don’t see a way to access TRIMBLE CONNECT… Alternately, how do I access MY Trimble Connect Storage

Are you looking in the File menu?

You could open SketchUp Free and open your model file, then from the pancake menu at the top left corner, choose to download the .skp file.

THANK-YOU very much. You have saved me a days “work” Your first suggestion did not work as when I opened 2021, it immediately took me to a FILES page. I wasn’t presented with the sketchup page that you showed and thus no access to the FILE menu. THe second option worked great. Thank-you again for your help and especially for your quick response.

I don’t understand what you are describing. When you open SketchUp Pro you will get a welcome screen that offers either to open a template or existing files. In this case you would just open a template. Then in the File menu you will find Trimble Connect as I show in the screen shot.

Again… it was my lack of knowledge of the product. I thought that I would be able to open the skp immediately. I didn’t realize that I had to open a TEMPLATE first. Thank-you again


I don’t think that your thinking was actually too bad. You rather uncovered an inconsistency for which we were blind.

If the welcome screen communicates that you can here “open file”, it should give access to all files (just as the file menu does), and not silently restrict to local files. I strongly believe that would even be in line with Trimble SketchUp’s product politics. This is a good feature request! After all, the traditional path to “just go to SketchUp” is not obvious, the user is forced to decide whether to open a local file or create a new document (both of which didn’t fit for your situation).

There is even space right of the “Open file…” button where another file selector for cloud locations could be. Or when signed in, the recent files would be populated with whatever document has been edited recently, no matter whether local or on Trimble Connect.

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Thanx for making me feel better. I will gladly accept any royalties that come from the suggestion … :wink: Thank-you again for your prompt and detailed responses

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