Accessing models created in SU Web with new upgrade to SU Pro. How?

Hi All,

I have created several models with Sketchup Web and I can access them when I click on the web link. I just upgraded to Sketchup Pro. How can I access those old models with SU Pro? I tried to ‘Save as’ - with hopes of saving them to my desktop - but it seems I could only change the name of the model and perhaps create a new web folder for it and could not find a way to browse to my desktop to save it there. Can anyone assist? Many thanks! Jeff

You can Download the .skp files to your computer or if you used the same email address and password for SU-Pro, you should be able to go to File>Trimble Connect>Open Model and open it directly from your Trimble Connect storage. If you do the second option, I would recommend immediately using File>Save as… to save it to your local drive. If you want it also saved in your Trimble Connect storage, use File>Trimble Connect>Publish Model or Publish As…

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Thank you DaveR! I’ll give that a try…

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