Transfer models between Web and Pro


I have been using Sketchup for Web. I have just started my 30 day free trial of Sketchup Pro. Can models be transfered between the two Sketchup versions? That is to say, if I create a model in Sketchup for Web, and later decide to buy Pro, will I be able to view and edit the Web model in Pro? If I create a model in trial Pro, and later decide not to buy Pro, will be able to view and edit the Pro model in Web?


Yes! You can download your SU Web models. They will be in 2017 skp format which you can then open in SketchUp Pro. You can also upload your 2018 models but the best way to do that is to add them to your sketchUp project in Trimble connect. Then you will be able to open and work on them using SU web (free or paid).



That’s great, thanks. I tried to download my SU Web model to my SU Pro free trial (which I only downloaded yesterday) and got a message that I needed to update SU Pro by going to to update my 2017 SU Pro to 2018. I went to, but can find no way to do the update. Can you help me?



Did you get a general upgrade message or a message that the file could not be opened? I would expect the SU web files to open in SU2017.

Either way you can get the latest installers here -


Skp Web files save down as V17 so you should not see that message unless you downloaded a file direct from the warehouse as V18.


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