Is Sketchup free?

I use free desktop version of Sketchup for years now and a month ago i download 2018 Pro (trial version) , now trial end (this is totally normal :slight_smile: ) .
How can i still have my models in my computer because actually i can’t open them ?
I can still use 2017 free version but my models aren’t compatible .
Is there a way to have Sketchup free version in my computer ?

Upload the SKP files to the 3D Warehouse. The Warehouse will convert to older versions.

Since you have SU2017 Make, you have the free version already. There is no sketchUp 2018 Make. This is spelled out on the SketchUp website.

the problem is that i can’t acces the files … no way to open them

Access the Warehouse through your Internet browser and upload the SKP files that way.

I can’t find how to do that

Free as in freedom: No
(It is owned and controlled by a company, your files always depend on that the company makes the app available under certain license conditions.)

Free as in beer: Partially.
SketchUp Make 2017 is still available under the condition of non-commercial use but can not open newer files. And SketchUp Free is (only) available as a web service and can open any .skp files.

To convert files from your expired Pro 2018 trial, you can either

  • upload them to 3D Warehouse (red top-right button “Upload model”), then navigate to the model’s detail page and click on the lower-top-right “Download” button and select “SketchUp 2017 Model”
  • load SketchUp Free, login to your Trimble account, upload the file, open it, then choose “Download” from the top-left file menu (Folder icon). Currently downloads are (still) in 17.0.1 format.

Why Sketchup free is only on internet ?
it was good before when we can work for free offline …

SketchUp Free is a new cloud-based product using a mixture of in-browser technology and online server support. It uses a lot of shared infrastructure with the off-line products (SketchUp Make 2017 and SketchUp Pro) but because of the way it is built, SketchUp Free will never work offline.

and will we have sketchup 2018 for free in offline mode or just free in internet ?

According to Trimble’s release announcement, No. SketchUp Make 2017 is the last planned version for offline.

ok thanks !

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