Who can downgrade a file skp Pro 2018 to skp Make 2017 (without skp pro 2018 ;-)?

I started a 3D model with SKPPRO 2018. After 1 month of trying period I decided not to buy SKPRO and use SKP Make. But the Make version is only 2017. It means that I can’t open the model I made with SKPRO 2018. So here’s my question : Does anyone have skp pro 2018 to help me ? Could anybody downgrade my file to skp 2017 ?
Thanks a lot for your help

upload it to 3D warehouse, and download it again in the earlier format

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Or using SketchUp Free, open it from a local file, then download it. Downloads from with Free use 2017 file version.

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Hello Sjdorst, Thanks for your answer. It’s working. Open my 2018 skp file with Sketchup Free online, change 1 detail, save it and then export the model to .skp to my local HD. The *.skp file become then readable by Sketchup Make 2017. Magic !
Have a good day

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How do you open a desktop based Sketchup file in the online free version?

I have the same issue. I worked on a model with the Sketchup 2018 program, that expired, and now I cannot open it.

Click on the file folder icon and then on Open. Sign in to your Trimble Connect account if you haven’t already. Click Add Model and then Browse over on the right.

If you ultimately want to open it in SU2017, you could also just upload it to your 3D Warehouse account through your browser and then access it through SU2017.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile is confusing. There is no Make 2018.

I have the free version of SU2017, plus the expired 2018.

What is Trimble Connect?

Trimble Connect provides some cloud storage and collaboration functions. It’s where SketchUp files are normally saved in the web based versions of SketchUp. Since you are planning to open the model in SU2017 anyway, just go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser and upload the SKP file directly. Then navigate to it from SU2017 and download it as a 2017 file. The 3D Warehouse will convert it automatically.

Thanks DaveR for trying to help me. I may be a little slooow on this subject…but still I’m stuck on how I open my SU2018 desktop file in the free online environment. I finally found the folder, clicked on Open… then I got another screen, where nothing to open…

Okay… figured it out. Thank you!!! Now actually I can work on this online version. But I will save the model upload it then download it for good.
Thanks again…

Glad you got it. Seems like some extra steps you’ve got in there but if it works for you, that fine.

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