Need help down-converting 2017 .skp file to 2015


Decided to play around with my.Sketchup (browser-based Sketchup) and created a simple drawing of a custom bracket, but Sketchup Pro desktop version 2015 won’t open the .skp file.

How can I convert my 2017 .skp file so that it will open in 2015 ?


You can upload it to the 3D warehouse…


EDIT: I uploaded to 3D warehouse and was then able to download in earlier versions.



you can download it yourself as any version you want?



SkpVersionConvertor 2017!
Need help down-converting 2018 .skp file to 2014
Is there a SkpVersionConvertor 2018?


Such a thing doesn’t exist as a standalone application. You can open a 2018 file in SketchUp Pro 2018 and do a Save As and select v.2014 as the format.
If you cannot install the trial of 2018, you can upload the file to the 3D Warehouse, and after that, download it back in the 2014 or other older formats, or as a Collada file.


Thanks again for the 3D Warehouse!
That’s what I thought!
Exist as a standalone application - SkpVersionConvertor 2017!!


now i have only 2k15 version… so the file does not opening in this version


What file?


In your browser, go to 3D warehouse, if you do not have an account, create one. Upload the file, then download a lower version. Open that in the SketchUp -app


What if 3dwarehouse is blocked on my computer becuase of an internet filter


Unblock it? Why would it be blocked?

If you have SketchUp files created in a newer version and you can’t manage to access the 3D Warehouse, you could perhaps ask someone to do it for you.


I agree with @DaveR: the first step should be to understand why your internet filter is blocking the 3D Warehouse, as it is not a suspicious site. Is it a local IT policy you could appeal? Is it a default setting that you can change, e.g. to “whitelist” the 3DW?


I can’t upload the 2018 sketchup model to 3dwarehouse because of the size constraint. What do I do?


I guess the first thing I’d do is go to Model Info>Statistics and hit Purge Unused to see if you can reduce the file size enough. If you can’t, you’ll need to start looking at what you can do to simplify the model. Maybe reducing geometry or reducing the size of imported texture images.


I can’t get the file to be uder 50mb … the model is a very large supermarket with very detailed graphics. … I guess there is no converter available?


The “converter” would be in Sketchup or the Warehouse.


ok. I have to find a way to make the 2018 free trial work, it seems. The model that I have is about 150mg, so I don’t think I could get that under 50mb.


Maybe you can find another computer that you can install the 2018 trial on. I suppose you’ve figured it out already but it would have been wise at the very least to save the file back to the earlier version before the trial period expired.


I know, I was not the one who created the file and the person who did was not aware that he needed to save it down. Thanks for your help and quick responses. I am reaching out to the original creator and hopefully he gets back to me soon and can down convert file. Fun times!