Unable to open SKP file because it is a newer version

I downloaded a Sketchup.skp file with a project I would like to build. However, I have version 2015 and the file was produced in 2017 and I am unable to open the .skp file.
I am a very enthusiastic woodworker and would love to build this project.

Could someone please help me by saving the file as a 2015 file?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Library Chair.skp (735.5 KB)

I’m happy to do it for you when I finish eating. Or you could upload it to your account (create one free if you don’t have one already) on 3Dwarehouse. Then download it as 2015 - there’s an option to choose which version to download).

Here it is in v2015.
Library Chair v2015.skp (779.6 KB)

Library Chair.skp (694.1 KB)

Since it came from the 3D Warehouse, you could have just downloaded the 2015 version directly into SketchUp.

John quit eating already.


Hi John,

Thank you so much for changing the version. Much appreciated!

Jeff Horne

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