Downloading older skp versions from 3dWareHouse

Does it had any update that became unable to download the models made in skp free at 3dWharehouse in versions before 2017?
I was creating objects there and then at the afternoon I was not able to download my models in older versions anymore, only 2017 and up.

I think older versions are purged every now and then to free up some disk space. Also it’s normal for developers to want their users to move to newer software versions were old bugs are no longer an issue, and it makes sense from a business point o view for a company to have users update.

Hi @luklein10: FYI, you can download SKP files for older desktop versions if you upload models to 3D Warehouse.

Hello Mark. I was doing right this process: model at sketchUp App, then upload to 3D Warehouse and from there download in an older version. But recently, the version that I need (2015) is not available anymore to download, only 2017 and up, if you know an alternative way to download or convert it, would help me a lot. thanks in advance

If you are using 64 bit Windows and SU2015:

Hi @luklein10,

Sorry, I made a mistake in replying. 3D Warehouse maintains older SKP versions for files that are a few years old, but yes it’s true that we only generate new SKP’s for versions two years back.


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Hi Mark. Yes, that was the struggle, but now I’m SketchUpMake, so I’ve been able to open my 3d models in there and save in an older version. Thanks for everything guys

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