How do I download 2017-2019 models from 3D warehouse?

Hi, I’ve recently noticed a bug on the 3D warehouse, I had multiple favorited models from last year that were possible to be downloaded in 2017 or 2019 version. I still use Sketchup Make which is a 2017 version and works fine, and I want to download models that were done in this version, but now the options only show 2021-2023, which make no sense for the models I want to download.

Is there an alternative way?

Please fix this! I am not able to open the models anymore.

Thank you!

PS: I can’t also export a model from Sketchup Online to lower versions. Would be nice to fix this as well.

The Warehouse only stores models in three latest SketchUp formats so version 2021 is the oldest. You can go to the Warehouse with your internet browser and download the Collada (DAE) version of the model you want, and import that into your legacy SketchUp.

will this work exactly the same with no issues? why would they do this to models that were done in version 2017 and now can only be opened in 2021-up ? instead of improving, sketchup is falling a lot behind…

let’s say you have one million models in the warehouse.

that’s one million files on the server.

SInce 2021, SKP files are not version-specific. so you can simply carry 1 million files. Well, two millions, sice you have the SKP + the Collada version available.

But now let’s say you decide to alaso allow download of versions 17,18, 19 and 20.
now you need to store 6 million files instead of 2 millions.

Plus, you’re storing the extra 4 million files for obsolete versions that are not supported anymore. People using these old versions either still use the free make versions (and as non-paying users, can’t exactly dictate the policy) or users still using their old unsupported pro version. Since the 3d warehouse is not supported on these old versions, no point in keeping millions and millions of copies of the files on hand.

The 3 ways to get files from the warehouse, have been for a few years now :

  • use the web free version. no compatibility issue
  • use a supported pro version. no issue there (if you’re up to date). You don’t even have to switch every year, the last 3 versions are supported.
  • downolad a collada file

There is a 4th way if the previous 3 aren’t your taste : Both Eneroth (for PC, free) and SU4you (pcmac, not free) have an extension that allows SU21+files to be converted and read by older versions of the software.

BTW, this is not a bug and it’s not something that is going to get “fixed”.

But sketchup could add a feature to their browser that it downsaves the file to the version you want, just like the software does when you do “save as”, instead of keeping duplicate files. storage shouldn’t be an issue to trimble anyway, as they allow garbage uploads from any lazy creator and the warehouse is filled with these models that should be purged. they should have more criteria when allowing file to be uploaded.
I also have the payed version of 2019 pro yet i prefer 2017 which works better. I don’t see any point in upgrading since i’ve seen no relevant improvements apart from the Outliner in the software in the last 4 years.

is importing collada files exactly the same or are there any buts?

like I said at the end, check the extension warehouse. Eneroth has an extension tha allows you to open more recent files. works on 17 and 19.

I don’t have ne name at hand, but it’s quite explicit, so is the description. you’re on a PC, you won’t have any trouble after that.

No ideas about the colladas, not even sure I ever opened one.

let’s say you have a million models in stock.

that’s a million files on the server.

But now let’s say Trimble also decides to allow downloads of three years back plus Colada.
Now it has to store 4 million files instead of 1 million.

But if it decided to share the models only in version 5 or 6 or 2017, it would still have to store 1 million files on the server, right? And more users could benefit from the storage. So where is the concern for the welfare of customers here? about the environment? All I see here is concern for the Trimble wallet.

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Not anymore. SketchUp 2023, 2022, and 2021 can all open the same file so no need to store three different .skp files.

All SU versions can open the same file. SU 1 Publishing in this version does not require additional Collada files, right?? In a year, the 2021 version will stop working and, coincidentally, this is the last version of the classic license. And of course, with the stubbornness of a maniac, you will claim that it is for safety. Nonsense. Somehow Trimble sees no problem with these older classic versions logging into their license servers using the same outdated Chromim modules implemented in the program. LICENSE SERVERS! But safety matters less here, right?

Probably not. What Dave was pointing out is that SketchUp introduced a new “scalable” file format with SketchUp 2021 that is shared with all SketchUp versions since, so version 2021 opens version 2023 files, with a warning message, and the same should apply in the foreseeable future.

Probably yes.

Hm. I don’t recall ordering a rant. I guess you’re giving them for free these days. on any topic.

but you’re right. The 3d warehouse should simply offer files in a Sketchup 1 format. I mean, the format is exactly the same 23 years after right, no need for a modern file.
Actually, Sketchup should only exist as a Sketchup 1 form. anything they did since 2000 is a pile of poo. I mean, beyond that, I don’t see any reason why any smart person would use Sketchup. Smart people should use autocad or even a rotring and a ruler. it’s better, fewer bugs, better compatibility.

That’s a one way trip to the ignore list. I know you’ll fell the need to answer, but buddy, I’ll never see it. Rant away.

Just so this message is constructive, unlike the previous 5 :

yeah. that’s actually not a bad idea on paper, no idea if / how it’s feasible tho. In a way, they sorted the issue in 2021 when they stopped making version-locked files. But considering the stance Trimble has taken toward the question of support (3 years max), I don’t see this in a near future.

preach. Just today I got an email from a photo hosting I used during my forum years (2005 - 2010) telling me My account was going to be deleted due to SEVERE (yeah in capital letters) inactivity.
I wonder how many models have not been downloaded ONCE in the last 5 years. And if SU were to email people asking “hey, do you want to keep this stuff up”, how much stuff would actually go.
That, and the problem of duplicates. People downloading an object, and reuploading.

Also, the extension I mentioned earlier.
download it on the link, then in the extension manager, install it. It should open 2021+ files . just follow the video.

edit : just realised, @adam-kadmon , I’m moving your thread to the 3dwarehouse section, so other people can find it easily. no big deal :wink:

I have a glass that is half full of cider.

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Hard cider?

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Somehow none of the wise men want to argue with the higher opinion? Maybe @TheGuz, @colin, @DaveR, sameone?

To be fair, I bet the licensing system doesn’t even use a browser to activate - it predates Chromium.

But they should definitely take your suggestion of turning off classic licenses in the name of consistency to heart - and do it. Maybe they can put a message up on screen that has your details in it so users can thank you :joy:

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Of course. Because it is related to your interest. More subscribers, more business income. But of course you can start gathering people to crusade against me. You’re from Europe, so you’re closer! :smiley:

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