Are older versions completely abandoned?

I have a legitimate copy of Sketchup pro 2017. Although I understand the program has progressed, up until now the 3D warehouse, as well as the free online version, has been able to export as an older version. Then, they removed 2017 from the download, but at least via the “open newer” plugin, I was able to get it to work. Now apparently Trimble has abandoned me completely, removing the ability to download to a specific version altogether. So we paid for this product and after a few years we can’t use the 3D warehouse anymore because you want to get everyone on a subscription model? Terrible.

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you still can.
and if the extension you’ve been using doesn’t work anymore, maybe it’s time to use a different one. like this one that converts new versionless files to older versions like 2017

since 2021 sketchup files are versionless. that’s why there are no versions mentioned when downloading.

you paid for a product, and 7-8 years later you can still download free models from the 3d warehouse and using a free plugin, open the files in sketchup 2017. isn’t it grand ?
Also, you could download a collada. works well.

edit : also, “shutup” is not a correct answer for your GPU.
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well right now, you’re salty because you thought that despite not being a client anymore, you would like to receive all the perks.

so, I’ll add you to my ignore list, feel free to keep ranting, I have other cats to herd.

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Hi @apgar426, I understand you are frustrated that we no longer support older versions of SketchUp. I also understand you feel like we are taking away features that you paid for but as other users have pointed out, your version of SketchUp is 8 years out of date and there are plenty of work arounds to keep it going for many years to come if you are willing to do a little bit of work on your end.

If you have a legitimate question on how to get a model from the 3D warehouse into the 2017 version of SketchUp I am happy to assist you and other users are willing to help too. If you have just come here to vent some frustration, you are not likely to get anyone to take you or your concerns seriously.


The fact that SketchUp 2017 still works 8 years down the road is pretty phenomenal in and of itself, celebrate that and drive on.

You really can’t expect other resources to stay backward compatible forever, that is just not how the world usually works.

In my case I have made it a point to keep my extensions backward compatible to at least 2017 but sooner or later something in a newer version of SketchUp will probably pose challenges and a decision will need to be made. Obviously the path will be to move forward, what other path is there?

You really can’t fault SketchUp for what they are doing with the Warehouse.

My only one real gripe is that removing the ability in SU 2024 to save to older versions seems like less of a backward compatibility thing and more of a punitive marketing strategy, but even at that I can see the reasoning behind it, even though I might not fully agree with it. Honestly, I would recommend that SketchUp follow suite behind AutoCad and other leading competitors in allowing saving to older file versions, even if it is more overhead. This lack of a rather obvious feature can now be used as leverage by SketchUp competitors against SketchUp.

Lets not artificially put “chinks” in SketchUp’s armor.


“Versionless” if you have the latest/current version? The latest/current version will open any file created in an older version. If you have the latest/current version of SU, it doesn’t matter what version a model was created in… no need for versions to mentioned. Not all of us have the latest and greatest version of SU.

For the past year or so, I’ve been on the fence as to whether I should continue uploading to the Warehouse since the number of files I could open were greatly decreasing. I decided to hang with it after learning of an extension by Curic. I do thank you for the link to this extension by s4u, though. It will be even more handy than the one by Curic.

ah yes sarcasm.
let me a go at it. :upside_down_face:

Isn’t it nice when someone who has been using a free version since 10+ years blames the company for catering its solutions toward the current paying customers and not the decade-long free users while at the same time still allowing third parties offer free solutions to still access the aforementioned content ?

well, sarcasm is nice, you’re right. I should try more often. :upside_down_face:

it’s like a ski resort.

you go there, and the ski people tell you “here are the various path we’ve prepared for you, a red one, a green one, a black one. there are even lifts to bring you at the top and there you’ll find facilities, enjoy !”

and then you’ll find people saying “well, no, I want to ski outside of the path you offer. I remember a decade ago, there was a path on the other side of the valley, I want to go there”

and the answer is… sure, go ahead. free country and all. if you live in a free country off course.
But then you can’t expect ski lifts to be built and maintained that will bring you to the old place you want to go. and if you break your leg falling, the EMT will take longer to come because they are not close to you.

exactly what Medeek says.
and the fact that with a free 48mb bit of code you can still access the free files provided for free online in a free website is also pretty great.

My apologies if you interpreted what I said as sarcasm. I did not post what I did with sarcasm in mind. And since when does thanking someone for something fall under sarcasm …

I won’t bother to address what seems to me to obviously be sarcasm from you. But I will offer this …I am not a professional - I just like to draw. And yes, I use an “old” desktop version of SU b/c:

  1. I have a space mouse that I’ve become very used to using, and
  2. I have become quite accustomed to a couple of extensions, and
  3. The web version of SU sucks. Plain and simple.

For the record, I have several browser extensions that I use, and that I donate to the creators of…so it’s not like I believe I should not have to pay for anything. But being that I am not a carpenter or an architect or any other professional who uses SU for thier living, I fail to see why users of the free versions of SU must continually be beaten about the head and shoulders because we can’t justify the annual high price for creating things that professionals occasionally find good use for. Such finds occasionally help the professional’s bottom line. All I do is upload stuff to the Warehouse to show off my work. My only benefit is the rare complement left in comments and the occasional “like.”

And to be honest, I believe one day, in addition to eventually not being able to open anything from the Warehouse, users like me won’t even be able to upload to the Warehouse, as I think that is Trimble’s eventual goal. But even if I can no longer open files, or show off my models, I will continue to enjoy drawing and creating stuff in SU.

I see where you are coming from. Unfortunately with the changes in security, operating systems, hardware, and browsers, everything has a shelf life or an EOL. One must adapt and change with the times. Over the years I have had much software fail to be supported and not continue to function. My first brush with this came very shortly after I bought my first computer. I purchased a game that was on a CD-ROM disk. It would not run because the disk drive did not support the “new” format of the disk. So goes life. BTW this was back in the early to mid-ninetys.

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SU8 was, at the time, quite a good release, but to be honest, a model with 100 000 edges was then considered enormous. Whatever one may think about what has followed since, the application has received several performance boosts. You would probably notice it even if you located and installed the 2017 Make version.

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@RLGL … I understand. But support is not really a concern since SU does not pay my bills. Were I one of you professionals, I’m sure I would do all I could to keep SU up-to-date as a necessity.

I do have Make 2017…it was recommended by another forum member a few years ago when I was having some trouble with (if I recall correctly) the OpenGL Settings and Capabilities settings after getting a new computer.

Actually, I have SU8, Make2014 and Make2017. I use M2014 occasionally. I don’t use M2017 too often b/c I just don’t like that Default Tray set-up. Guess I’m getting a bit too set in my ways as I age… :laughing: . But anyway…I understand what you are saying.

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I am not a professional photographer. I pay for my camera and lenses and software for editing.

I am not a professional hiker / adventurer. I pay for my shoes, tent, stove, GPS, etc.

I am not a professional paraglider. I pay for my harness, wing, rescue, radio, helmet, rucksack, instruments, etc.

I’m not a professional skier. I pay for my skis, boots, poles, helmet, jacket etc.

I’m not a professional plumber but I needed a tool to fix the sink. I went to the store and paid for the tool that I needed.

I’m not a professional driver but I pay for my car, insurance, taxes, and gas…


@bmike… with all due respect, sounds like you may possibly earn a lot more than I do.

I bought my camera…don’t have to pay each year to keep using it; if I go hiking, I can buy hiking shoes, but I don’t have to buy a new pair each time I go; if I need a wrench to fix something, I go buy it…and even if it lays in my tool box until the sun implodes, I won’t have to pay anything if I ever need it again, etc.

I can’t help but wonder how much more Trimble could make if they offered SU for non-commercial use only, for $50, or even $100 … one time. But if ya need an upgrade, you go buy a newer version. If you need support…that could be an incident based service one would have to pay for each time. If the current version serves your purpose though, then fine. But ya paid something for it.

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I really have no desire to enter an argument about saving, or marketing strategies. I’ll just point out for the sake of clarity, and for any who might be reading and confused by this thread what “Versionless” means. Since 2021 all SketchUp files can be opened by any version of SketchUp, this works “upward” and “downward”, a file created in SU 21 can be opened in SU 24 and a file created in SU 24, or SU23 can be opened in SU21, no import or conversions or extensions needed. If new features have been introduced in later versions, those features do not function in a file which is opened in a previous version of SketchUp that does not have those features, but the file opens and can be worked with. It is not necessary to have the latest version of SketchUp, any version from the last 4 years will open any SketchUp file created in the last 4 years.

Why the ability to backsave in 2024 was removed and it’s effect on both the amateur community and professional collaboration in the industry is a different question.


Thank you for explaining that in a bit more detail, @endlessfix, I appreciate it.

I am a hobbyist. has you covered

It’s free for non-commercial use.

Is this supposed to be the case for Layout as well?

I’ve just tried to open a 2024 Layout File in Layout 2022 and got this message:

As the message says, no. This is not the case with Layout files.

It does happen to be the case with 2023 and 2024, the LayOut file format didn’t change. But it had changed between 2022 and 2023. I’m not sure if the plan is that future versions will also open in 2023. @trent may know.