OOPS! No Files available for download

I am currently using SketchUp Pro 2019 and all of a sudden when I try to download items from the warehouse I get a message that says “OOPS AN ERROR AS OCCURRED…No download files are available.”

The 3D Warehouse only supports the current and previous two SketchUp versions. It no longer supports SketchUp 2019. You could go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser and download the Collada version of the component. Then use File>Import to import the included .dae file.

Alternatively you could update to SketchUp 2022.

OT: I hadn’t noticed that it lists versions 2022 and 2021 as two separate formats, as the format is the same. Next year you will probably get the same file whichever version you select.


I expect that is to avoid confusion. Eventually I expect the list will show SKP, GLB, and Collada and not show a SketchUp version number at all. After SU2020 falls off the list there probably won’t be any need to show a version number.

Oh yay another software cash grab. Another attempt to force people to take on a renewing license…

No one is forcing you to use the 3D Warehouse.


And nothing is stopping you from downloading the Collada versions from the warehouse.


Two questions.

  1. I am using sketchup Pro 2019. If I update to 2022 will I be able access and open older versions?
  2. Can someone please walk me through how to download a Collada version from the warehouse if that’s my only option?

Thank you!

  • 1 Yes, all versions of sketchup can open older versions. You can also use Save as to save a model back to an earlier version so you can still open a 2022 in 2019 for example.

  • 2 it’s not your only option, but you use the drop down menu of the download button in the browser version to select the Collada file. That file is basically a zip file that you extract to a location of your choice on your computer. (how all that works on a mac I don’t know) Once extracted you use File/Import in sketchup to import the .dae file that you have extracted. Done.

Something is being done about the Oops message. @TheGuz can tell us more.

This is a bug that we are working to squash right now. Hoping to have it fixed by the end of the week.

I’m confused, so is it a Bug or as Dave R put it, 2019 is no longer supported. We use both a 2019 licensed version and a 2021 Licensed version, and if your dropping 2019 access that’s a real concern. I cant understand the business logic from conducting business in this manner! Can someone of authority weigh in.

No, version 2019 is no longer supported. The bug is in the message displayed.

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Once the bug is fixed, 2019 and earlier version users will see an option to download the Collada file, instead of the page failing completely. Those files are generally just as good as the year specific version, but if you want to try the SKP directly, you would need to download with SketchUp 2020 or later, then do a Save As to make a 2019 version file.

An alternative is to use the Components tray to search for models. If you see a model you like, click on its thumbnail image. That will download the right version file straight into the scene, without having to open the 3D Warehouse window.

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Colin, thank you, I’ll try it. But I’m not too happy with the change in direction, for outward appearances it looks nefarious in nature and moving towards pushing out the classic users, of which we are…

The Current Minus Two policy has been in place for years. It’s nothing new and there’s nothing nefarious about it.

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Hello guys, I got this message too and would like to share my opinion here: I do not think it is normal to make acces to the warehouse files more difficult for existing users, especially pro users. The warehouse is being filled by us all. If we didn’t, there would be no warehouse. The input represents great value and therefore, in my opinion, it shouldn’t just be up to Trimble to decide this change. If trimble keeps approaching things like this, we might be better off building a new warehouse by ourselves and removing our files from the trimble warehouse platform alltogether.

The reason of this change a few years ago is to keep the cost of storage down I believe. Every model has to be stored as 4 different files now. Before the “latest minus 2 policy” it had to be stored as more different year-versions…

Why not? Trimble is the owner of the Warehouse, it pays for the maintenance and all the storage…

Nothing is keeping you from doing that…


I can’t recall any mention of the 3d Warehouse being a temporary feature, when I bought sketchup pro 2019. Even now, if you buy a brand new SKP, there is no mention of it.

I get that Trimble pays for storage and maintenance, but it doesn’t pay for the making of the files, shared by the SKP community. They represent great value, and should stay available to us all. If you want a thriving community, don’t exclude your community. Also this solution chosen by Trimble makes it almost impossible for the less fortunate members of the community to participate. There are other and better options to keep cost down i believe.

It is not a temporary feature. You can still use it…

That’s just an opinion…

They are available to all of you…

Nobody is excluded…

Trimble still keeps a copy of SketchUp Make on their download page, free for everyone to use. As well as SketchUp Free (online)

Maybe true, but it is not up to us to make decisions about that…