Can't download from 3d Warehouse


I can’t download from the Warehouse

I click on File/3D Warehouse/Get Models
and I get a dialog box that looks like I’m uploading a model.
The search doesn’t work, there’s no search button… nothing.
The box has 3D Warehouse on the right, search box in the middle, up arrow and use head on the right.

I could attache a pix if I knew how.

It has worked before flawlessly. Tried in two versions of SketchUp, neither work.

Mac OS El Capitan
Ketchup 16.1.2418

SketchUp 2016 and earlier versions are no longer supported by the 3D Warehouse. You can use your internet browser to search the Warehouse and then download the Collada file which can be imported into SketchUp 2016.


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Another option, in addition to what Dave says about downloading a Collada file using a web browser, in SketchUp’s Components panel you can search the 3D Warehouse. When you see a result that you like, click on its thumbnail, and it will immediately be loaded into your model.

Don’t click the text links in the description, that will just open the 3D Warehouse window, and it will fail to find a 2016 compatible model.



How do I get to that drop down that offers the Collada File? And what is a Collada file?

And, off topic, why do I have to agree to cookies everytime I post?


that works, but a bit awkward because it’s a bit hard to see and doesn’t offer the options that the Wearhouse does.

but thx!

Question: Does sketchup offer a download for free use, like they used to? Has that changes?

And, is the pro version only available as a subscription?

Although it’s a small interface to have to use, the only models you’re shown are ones that will work on your version of SketchUp. You could still use a web browser to find more matches, and get them via Collada, but doing it in the Components panel is quick and easy.

Answering your other questions, all currently officially provided downloads are here:

That does include the 2017 version of SketchUp Make, which is free. It will initially give you Pro features, but after a trial period those go away, you still have the Make features.

The permanent license SketchUp Pro product that we’ve used for 16 versions now has been renamed as SketchUp Classic, to distinguish it from the subscription product, that is now called SketchUp Pro. They both use exactly the same desktop application, but the subscription version also comes with SketchUp Shop (the web version that has additional tools and exporters), unlimited Trimble Connect storage, and AR/VR support. The Classic version just has the desktop application.

To save you having to look it up, Classic is $695, which includes the first 12 months of updates and support, and then is an optional $120 per year to keep getting updates and support. SketchUp Pro subscription is $299 per year. You do get more programs for that, but as with any subscription, if you don’t renew when it runs out, the program will no longer run.

When you hover over the Download button, you should see the inverted caret. Click on that.

COLLADA is an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications. The file that you’d import as part of the Colllada file has the extension .dae.

Colin’s answered your other question pretty well. As long as you are using SketchUp for your hobby, SketchUp 2017 Make is still available and is currently supported by the 3D Warehouse.

As for your question about having to agree to accept cookies, I would expect that’s a browser setting on your end that is preventing the cookies from being downloaded during the session.

Thanks much, but where is the download button? Sorry, but Im just confused with that.

So I could run Make and the Warehouse would work. Never understood the difference, can you direct me to a link that explaines the difference.

Yes, I’m doing this just for fun. When I ran a full time graphics business, I could afford the price of all the expensive software but in retirement, it’s not justified.

Thx for your help.

Go to the 3D Warehouse in your Internet browser and search for the item you’re interested in. The Download button will be underneath the lower right corner of the big picture.

You could run SketchUp 2017 Make and the Warehouse feature in SketchUp itself will work as you were used to before. At least for a few more months. Since they’ve stated that the support the last three versions of SketchUp, it’s entirely possible support for 2017 will fade away after the release of SU2020.

Difference between what? Pro and Make? Pro is licensed to allow commercial use. Make is not. Pro includes LayOut. Make does not. There are some tools such as the Solid Tools which are pro-only features along with a variety of import and export options such as for DXF and DWG.

If you’re looking at the 3D Warehouse inside SketchUp, you can only load the model into your current scene. To see the download button with the dropdown menu you would need to be viewing the model in a web browser.

I also see cookie messages most times I go to the 3D Warehouse too. I only see a close X, and no I Agree to click, maybe that’s why it comes back every session.


Where should I see that download button with the caret? And when I get the Collada what do I do with it?

And didn’t realize that the 3D Warehouse was a totally separate website. That seems to work well, however, won’t download to anything before 2018.

So, I downloaded the 2018 SketchUp and starting using it. It’s a trial run for the Pro. When the trial run ends, will I still be able to use it without the Pro features?

Sometimes I just wish they had a “seniors” rate to get some of this software to play with. Have no problem with paying for it, but really don’t want to “rent” it. Adobe has done the same thing with a subscription, which increases the costs considerably, especially for a non pro.

However, thx MUCH for you’re help… it’s coming together!

The Download button with the inverted caret is on the 3D Warehouse website pages for the components and models as I showed in my screen shot.

Import the included DAE file into SketchUp with File>Import.

That’s why I told you to download the Collada file.

No. SketchUp 2017 was the last one to have a Make version. When you get to the end of the 30 day trial with SU2018, it’ll stop working entirely. You’d need to have a valid license. At this point you would buy a license for SU2019 instead.

You can get a perpetual Classic license for SketchUp 2019. One time price although if you opt to continue the annual Maintenance and Support you would be entitled to upgrade to the next version when it is released.

There’s also SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop which are browser based options. They are supported by the 3D Warehouse.

FWIW, if you are using SketchUp for anything other than hobbyist stuff, you would need to be using Pro or Shop anyway.

Hello, it will still be possible to modify my model created under skp pro after the trial period of sketchup pro will be finished?
and that I would go under skp make 2017?

You can download it into SketchUp 2017 from the Warehouse.

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The Collada file is greyed out and doesn’t download. Tried in 17 and 18. What am I doing wrong? Thx

Be sure to set the format to collada (*.dae)

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