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I seem to be having problems downloading models from 3D Warehouse, a pop up notification says, OOPS! AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED.

No download files are available.

Any Ideas,


What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

I am using Pro 2016

The Warehouse only supports the three most recent versions of SketchUp. 2016 is no longer supported. You can access the Warehouse through your Internet browser and download the Collada file which you can then import into SketchUp or you can try Eneroth Open New Version which is available in the Extension Warehouse. Download the SKP file through your browser and run the extension from the file menu in SketchUp.

FWIW, you may still find some 2016 files but the Warehouse is no long converting uploaded files to 2016

Oh dear,

Thank you for the info, looks like Trimble will lose another customer,


losing your SketchUp expertise as well as documents aggregated over years because you wanna save the upgrade cost… really?

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But if you really want to stick with v2016, you have at least two other options.

  1. Download the Collada format and Import that OR

  2. Install the Eneroth3 plugin (from Extension Warehouse) Open Newer Version.

Get the model via your browser and download it, open it via the plugin entry on the File menu, then save back to 2016. I think that’s how it works, but I use Mac so can’t test it on my main desktop.

Note for Mac users: the plugin does NOT work on Macs, just Windows.