Importing model from 3d warehouse

I am trying to import models but it does not work and my file get block, It makes a sound and I can´t save neither close the file

You need to be more specific so someone can help you.

What version of Sketchup are you using? If it is 2016 or earlier, you cannot now usually import directly from the warehouse. Please complete your user profile.

What particular model (provide a link) are you trying to import?

What steps are you using to try to import a model?

Do you get any error message?

Thank you. I have been using sketchup since more or less 9 years so and I never had this problem importing models
I have the latest sketchup licence but I have not load 2019 version because when I tried to do it i got a message telling me that my computer cant support this version Obviously I cant chage my computer
I continue using 2016 version
This is the message i get
"Hi there! 3D Warehouse is designed for modern web browsers. For best results, we recommend updating to the newest version of any [modern web browser]("
Nevertheless if I achieve activating the download button when the question “do you want to download directky into your file (or similar)” my file block and I have to turn off my computer because I can’t even close the file or have any other fuction in my pc
I pay a licence ¿I cant use 3d warehouse because I cant download new version?

The 3D Warehouse only supports the last three versions of SketchUp. You can use your internet browser to download Collada files from the 3D Warehouse and import them into SketchUp 2016.

You may find some components still available from the 3D Warehouse if you access it through the Components panel instead of the 3D Warehouse window.

Hi Dave. I tried to download sketchup and collada file in internet browser but everytime I imported it in my sketchup2017, it is not loading. Do you have any suggestion what else can i do?

What is the thing you tried to download? Maybe it ended up in your model file but it’s positioned where you can’t see it. How about sharing your project SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got?

Thank you. I can see the model now.