Can't Download 3D Warehouse models

I use SketchUp 2017 Make and can’t download any models from 3D Warehouse. I changed my default browser to Google Chrome but I’m still having problems.


No. The 3D Warehouse no longer supports SketchUp 2018 or earlier. This was announced months ago and the change took place a few weeks ago. Changing your default browser won’t have any effect on it.

You can go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser and download the Collada file for the component you are interested in. Then import that into SketchUp.

Please fix your profile. You have the Operating System as 2017. It should be either Windows or Mac and a version. Also add your graphics card make and model. “64” does not identify a graphics card.

Yeah, I’m a little annoyed by this. The language was unclear as to how it was going to disable these features, It made it seem like youd still be able to download models from the viewer, just not directly into your model. Looks like that’s, not the case and I have to use 3D Warehouse from a webrowser.

SketchUp is becoming increasingly more frustrating. I see little to no improved development between 2017/18 and the current 2021 version, yet I’m continually seeing more paywalls and frustrations put up to lockout older customers who have permanent licenses and force them into a subscription.

Trimble looked like a great option to buy SketchUp, but they are looking more and more like Autodesk. :frowning:


The 3D Warehouse is just no longer converting components to older versions. This isn’t a new development. For a number of years it has only supported the last three versions. They did delay removing support for SU 2017 for a year. I expect that had something to do with the COVID lockdown.

Your choice. I see a lot of improvements that have improved my workflow and made it much more efficient. There’s no way I would want to go back to using those old versions.

The only thing of real value is the compressed file size, otherwise, nothing. Layout is still terrible. The same bugs persist. Its just getting stagnant. But, im fine with them dropping old file formats, its the fact that im forced out of the software to download the files that is increasiongly frustrating. You used to be able to select “save to file location” inside the Warehouse window, now youre completely locked out. Thats just feels like a crappy way to treat older customers.


I don’t find LayOut to be terrible at all. It works very well and I like the improvements. I doubt there’ll ever be anything to satisfy you, though. You’re entitled to your opinions.

Listen, Ive been using SketchUp since the @Last days. Im very satisified, and have been using the product for, jeeze, to 15 years now. I was the product manager for V-Ray for SketchUp, and I get what its like to be on the development side too. SketchUp has gotten better over the years, but I’m frustrated with the way Trimble has been handiling things lately.

There are some arguably good elements that have been introduced in recent years, but the over-arching theme here has been general stagnation of the product, and regular headaches over the last four years as they have transitioned to a SAAS model. Between the most recent user account debackle that has forced many firms away from using the product, at-all, because of fixed user seat licenses. The fact that the Make version no longer exists for hobbiest users and the web version is fine but pretty useless for more advanced hobbie users. Layout, while its also, fine for little things, constantly hangs with real projects, is poorly supported and not ready for any kind of real production environment because it’s still treated as an after-thought. SketchUp still relies way too much on its developer community for tools and now those tools are all starting to get more expensive. Which, honestly I’d rather give them my money anyway, so I guess thats fine.

Its not one thing that’s the problem. Its a whole host of little things that are beginning to add up to make SketchUp a much less flexable and fun a tool to use.

That said, I upgraded to 2021, because, well, I had too since Trimble has essentially borked a very valuable workflow. I dont mind spending the money and upgrading software, but I dont like being strongarmed into it. All I can say is I feel like all were going to see moving forward with Trimble, is rising prices and less features. Its quickly becoming Autodesk all over again.

::puts away soapbox::


I still learning how to navigate this space. Where can I edit my profile information? Also, I get an error message when I try to save a model in 3D Warehouse that says Abode Acrobat can’t open the file because it isn’t supported. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help.

And what do you think of Chaosgroup pricing and licensing😀

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I’m still using SketchUp Make 2017 and you can still download it from SketchUp!
So it still exists, and will probably keep working untill a newer version of Windows will not support it. Then I can still decide to keep the older Windows version to keep SketchUp running…


@tweenulzeven I was more referring to the fact that they killed off Make as a product line than it being readily available. Which, was honestly a good idea from a business standpoint. I imagine Make was poaching potential business from the Pro version. But that kind of proves my point further. Instead of killing off Make as a product, they should have made pro a more valuable product with added tools or functionality and a more robust program as a whole.

I switched to Pro because of the toolsets and functionality, but a lot of that hasn’t improved between 18 and 21. I mean, the last BIG tool add for SketchUp was probably, Solid Tools :thinking: I mean it wasn’t even a 64 bit program until 2013. So yeah, I don’t know where it’s headed, but it feels like they are kind of chasing their own tail as of late.


I guess that is what they have done by not “updating” Make although Pro has always had more features than Make…
Sorry to hear that you don’t think that there have been valuable functionality updates since 2018.
I can’t comment on that but I know a lot of people disagree with you on that.

So, V-ray has a free version, I haven’t found it yet.

A free version of v-ray, where is the link please.
As to SketchUp Make 2017, yes a while ago Imwas not able to access 3D Warehouse from within SkechUp Make 2017, but for about a month I have had no problems, accessing 3dwarehouse from in sketchup make, importing right into the model I am working on, or saving no and choosing to save. Even did it several times today. So not sure if something was fixed SketchUp Trimble side or the fact I am beta’ing Windows 11 for the past month fixed sketchup make 2017 my end. I hope it stays fixed. Having the rely on browser, save and then open in sketchup sucked, but atleast if I want a newer version to open in sketchup make 2017, the open newer plugin works great, or open the url of 19+ In sketchup web and saving as sketchup 2017 works too.

To be clear, there isn’t one. @RLGL was probably poking fun at an earlier poster.

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There is a bit of a work-around for folks like us that prefer having the offline control of our models.

I have both the latest browser version and my favorite 2017-make.

  1. Use your browser to download the model you wish to edit, then open the model in the 2021 app by selecting the “Open from device” option.
  2. With the model open in the browser app, in the upper left corner, click the three horizontal lines next to the file name, then select “Download-SKP”, choose the app year that you prefer (2017-2021), then select “OK”.
  3. Your converted model should automatically download into your browser.

Admittedly it’s a rather convoluted way of getting files to work in your preferred app compared to yesterday, but it gets the job done.


First, You still can directly download from SketchUp Program at menu 3dwarehouse.
Second, the SketchUp web app version can convert file 2019 or above save to your 2017 version.
I’m still in the 2017 version because of MSPhysics.

I teach SketchUp to community college students, many of whom find it difficult to pay the $55 EDU version. So some of them have been using 2017. Aside from the Collada workaround, you can also use the SketchUp Web App as @lek and @coldcanuck mention except that what I tell students is that they can download 3D warehouse models while in the SketchUp Web App and then they can downsave the file to 2017 and open on their machine. Provided they have pretty good machines, the performance in the Web App is quite good. I’ve tested student files up to 150mb without too much of a slowdown in the browser although it is not buttery smooth like in the desktop version of 2021.

Inevitably 2017 will likely be dropped from the Web App; I just hope it won’t be any time soon.


I mean, I used to work there, lets just say their name is as fitting as their pricing. That said, I can still at least buy a perpetual license with V-Ray.

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And it wil work for at least two versions!:wink: